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Health & Human Services
August 26, 2008 - 09:00 AM
Charge #7 - Wellness
Bennett, Chris    (Self),  Spicewood, TX
Bennett, Cleaves  MD  (Self),  Spicewood, TX
Boutte', Jane  Vice President - Pate Rehabilitation Dallas  (Board Member - Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council),  Grapevine, TX
Bujanda, Miryam  Manager, Public Policy  (Methodist Healthcare Ministries),  San Antonio, TX
Chapman, Laura  Regional Senior Program Director  (American Lung Association),  Austin, TX
Conti, Steve  Director of Disease Management  (Smoke-Free Texas),  Austin, TX
Durbin, Kathy  Director of Benefits, Chairman  (HEB, Texas Business Group on Health),  San Antonio, TX
Ghahremani, Kay  Deputy Director - Medicaid/CHIP Policy Development  (Health and Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Kloster, Jeff  Associate Commissioner  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
Lakey, David  Commissioner  (Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Meece, Jerry  Pharmacist  (Self; Community Pharmacists),  Gainesville, TX
Romo, Joel    (Partnership for a Healthy Texas),  Austin, TX
Sims, Jack  Immunization Branch Manager  (Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Smith Hearne, Raette  Director of Administration  (Comptroller of Public Accounts),  Austin, TX
Song, Dennis  Pharmacist  (Self; Community Pharmacists),  Flower Mound, TX
Venable, Peggy  Director  (Americans for Prosperity - Texas),  Austin, TX
Zernial, Carol  Director - Bexar Area Agency on Aging  (Texas Association of Areas on Aging),  Arlington, TX
Providing written testimony:
Hello, Mike  Director  (Amusement and Music Operators of Texas),  Austin, TX
Charge #9 - Pandemic Flu
Bush, Kim  President, Baxter Vaccines  (Baxter Healthcare Corporation),  Deerfield, TX
Lakey, David  Commissioner  (Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Stultz, Dan  President/CEO  (Texas Hospital Association),  Austin, TX