Criminal Justice
February 27, 2007 - 01:30 PM or upon adjournment
SB  103
Cannon, Katrina    (Self),  Troy, TX
Collins, Gene  Branch President  (Texas NAACP),  Odessa, TX
Cooke, Latreese  Executive Director  (Minorities for Equality in Employment Education Liberty and Justice),  Bastrop, TX
Galloway, Genger  Mom  (Self),  Crockett, TX
Gutierrez, Isela  Volunteer  (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition),  Austin, TX
Halpin, Richard  Founder / CEO  (American Youth Works),  Austin, TX
Harrell, Will  Executive Director / Board Chair  (ACLU / Texas Coalition Advocating Justice for Juveniles),  Austin, TX
Ibanez, Diane  Parent  (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Leavengood, Keith    (Self),  Buckhannon, wv
Levin, Marc  Director  (Texas Public Policy Foundation Center for Effective Justice),  Austin, TX
Martinez, Mary  Parent  (Self),  San Antonio, TX
O'Connor, Caroline  Legislative Director  (Texas State Employees Union),  Austin, TX
Schaefer, Margaret    (Self),  Ballinger, TX
Scott, Sharon    (Self),  Troy, TX
Smith, Jodie  Public Policy Coordinator  (Texans Care for Children),  Austin, TX
Nichols, Neil  General Counsel / Acting Director  (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Savoy, Tim  Public Information Officer  (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Anderson, Howard  President  (NAACP San Antonio),  San Antonio, TX
Bering, Cassandra  President  (NAACP Palestine  Branch 6242),  Palestine, TX
Bledsoe, Gary    (Texas NAACP),  Austin, TX
Camp, Torie  Deputy Director  (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault),  Austin, TX
English, George  President  (NAACP),  Temple, TX
English, Leontone  Edu. Chair  (NAACP),  Temple, TX
Gonzalez, David  Legislative Counsel  (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association),  Austin, TX
Hernandez, Benny    (Self),  Austin, TX
Horne, Ron  Coordinating Comm.  (Texas Coalition Advocating Justice for Juveniles),  Austin, TX
Hunter, Petty  President  (Abilene NAACP),  Abilene, TX
Luckey, Angela  President  (Grand Prairie branch NAACP),  Gran Prairie, TX
Lydia, Bob    (Self),  Duncanville, TX
Moore, Carol  Health Committee Chair  (NAACP Texas State Conference),  Houston, TX
Mosley, Deloris  Health Committee Chair  (NAACP Texas State Conference),  San Antonio, TX
Rowland, Brian    (NAACP),  Prairie View, TX
Sampson, Roy  President  (Killeen NAACP Unit),  Killeen, TX
Smith, Marvinette  Commitee Chair  (San Antonio NAACP),  San Antonio, TX
Williams, Keenan  Vice President of G.P. Branch  (NAACP Grand Prairie Branch),  Fort Worth, TX