Criminal Justice
January 30, 2007 - 02:00 PM
Criminal Justice System
Quadri, Christopher  Development Associate  (Prison Entrepreneurship Program),  Houston, TX
Rohr, Catherine  Executive Director  (Prison Entrepreneurship Program),  Houston, TX
Fabelo, Tony    (Justice Center, CSG),  Austin, TX
Hammons, Alvin    (Prison Entrepreneurship Program),  Houston, TX
Livingston, Brad  Executive Director  (Texas Department of Criminal Justice),  Huntsville, TX
Madrid, Chilo    (Association of Substance Abuse Programs),  El Paso, TX
McClure, Madeline  Executive Director  (Texas Association for the Protection of Children and Nurse Family Partnership),  Dallas, TX
Melton Crain, Christina  Chairman  (Texas Board of Criminal Justice),  Dallas, TX
Moore, Adrian    (Council on At-Risk Youth),  Austin, TX
Owens, Rissie  Chairman  (Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles),  Huntsville, TX
Plumlee, Tom  Director  (Tarrant County Community Supervision and Corrections),  Fort Worth, TX
Thompson, Michael  Director  (Council of State Governments, Justice Center),  New York, NY