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February 7, 2007 - 01:30 PM or upon adjournment
SB  159
Moore, Angela  Chief  (Bexar County Public Defender),  Boerne, TX
Shackelford, Wesley  Special Counsel  (Task Force on Indigent Defense),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Allison, Jim  General Counsel  (County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Gonzales, Dominic  Project Director, Fair Defense Project  (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition),  Austin, TX
Herman, Guy  Probate Judge  (Self; Court),  Austin, TX
Marsh, Andrea  Director  (Texas Fair Defense Project),  Austin, TX
SB  176
Allison, Jim  General Counsel  (County Judge and Commissioners Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Pichinson, Michael  General Counsel  (Texas Conference of Urban Counties),  Austin, TX
Lehman, Jim  Collections Program Manager  (Office of Court Administration),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Reynolds, Carl  Director  (Office of Court Administration),  Austin, TX
SB  178
Taylor, Shelia Bailey  Chief Administrative Law Judge  (State Office of Administrative Hearings),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Reed, Cyrus  Lobbyist  (Lone Star Chapter of Sierra Club),  Austin, TX
Whalen, Ken  Executive Vice President  (Texas Daily Newspaper Association/ Texas Press Association),  Austin, TX
SB  179
Parsley, Lee  Attorney  (Self),  Austin, TX
Cooksey, Robin  President/ Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association/ 410th District Court),  Conroe, TX
Miller, Judy  Official Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Fort Worth, TX
Lemon, W. Clyde  Director Legislative Affairs- Harris County District Clerk  (Charles Bacarisse- Harris County District Clerk),  Houston, TX
Streater, Joy  County Clerk  (Co-Chair County/ District Clerks Association),  New Braunfels, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Powell, Leilah  Government Relations Manager  (Bexar County),  San Antonio, TX
Abilez, LaDelle  Official Court Reporter 200th District Court  (Self),  Austin, TX
Adams, Tammy  Court Reporter  (Self),  Spring, TX
Alcantar, Ana L.  Official Court Reporter- 341st District Court, Webb County  (Self),  Laredo, TX
Ballard, Laura  CSR, RPR Official Court Reporter CCL3  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  McKinney, TX
Berry, Mary  Official Court Reporter, 224th District Court  (TCRA),  San Antonio, TX
Buchhorn, Katherine A.  Freelance Court Reporter  (Self),  Austin, TX
Butron, Mary  Official Court Reporter- 94th District Court, CC TX  (All Court Reporters),  Corpus Christi, TX
Carroll, Bill D.  Court Reporter  (TCRA),  Austin, TX
Cazal, Jennifer  Principal  (American Litigation Technology Partners, LLC),  Austin, TX
Conrad, Misti  Court Reporter (official) - County Court at Law #4  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Corpus Christi, TX
Crain, Chavela  Official Court Reporter, 53rd District Court  (Self; Fellow Court Reporters (53rd District Court)),  Austin, TX
Current, Sherry  Freelance Court Repoter  (Self; TCRA),  Mexia, TX
Dowell, Toi K.  Official Court Reporter  (Texas Certified Court Reporters),  Port Lavaca, TX
Durand- Hollis, Barbara  Certified Shorthand Reporter  (Federal Court Reporters of S.A. and TCRA (ex-board)),  San Antonio, TX
Edwards, Debbie  Official Court Reporter- County Criminal Court 10 Tarrant Co  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Mansfield, TX
Esquivel, Pam  Official Court Reporter- 107th District Court  (TCRA),  San Juan, TX
Faulk, Elizabeth Wallace  Executive Director  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Athens, TX
Fuller, Glenda  Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Austin, TX
Garriga, Melinda  President- Elect  (Self; TCRA),  Odessa, TX
Gill, Luann  Official Court Reporter- 249th District Court  (Self),  Cleburne, TX
Graf, Sandra  Freelance Court Reporter  (Self),  Austin, TX
Greenwalt, Lisa  Official Court Reporter  (198th Judicial District),  Boerne, TX
Hertel, Angie  Official  (Self),  Austin, TX

Hill, Blanca M.  Official Court Reporter- 49th Distict Court, Webb County  (TCRA),  Laredo, TX
Kaiser, Linda  Certified Shorthand Reporter- Freelance  (TCRA),  Dallas, TX
Kidd, Kimberly  Official Court Repoter  (295th District Court),  Houston, TX
King, Donna Carey  Official Court Repoter  (164th District Court),  Houston, TX
Kirby, Wendy    (Self),  Giddings, TX
Lindstrom, Monica  Official Court Reporter for the 67th District Court  (Self),  Fort Worth, TX
Lynn, Jan  Official Court Reporter, 21st Judicial District  (Self),  Giddings, TX
Main, Debra  Freelance Court Reporter, retired Official Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Weatherford, TX
Mata, Cathy  Freelance Reporter  (Self),  Austin, TX
McMoran, Janice  Freelance Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Granbury, TX
Miller, Linda Rubio  Court Reporter- 24th Judicial District Court  (Victoria, Refugio, Jackson, Dewitt, Calhoun, Goliad Counties for TCRA),  Tiuoli, TX
Mims, Lawrence  Spouse  (Self),  Weatherford, TX
Mims, Sharon  Official Court Reporter- 415th Judicial, Parker County  (Self; Other Court Reporters),  Weatherford, TX
Moncivais, Letitia  Court Reporter, Official for County Court at Law #8  (County Court at Law #8),  San Antonio, TX
Morris, Karen  Court Reporter- Official  (Court Reporter- 108th District Court),  Amarillo, TX
Morris, Phyllis A.  Court Reporter  (Self; TCRA),  Corpus Christi, TX
Moses, Stephanie  Official Court Reporter 193rd District Court  (Self; TCRA),  Dallas, TX
Natividad, Esther  Court Reporter- Official - 319th DC  Nueces Co.  (Official Court Reporters),  Corpus Christi, TX
Payne, Pam  Official Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Flower Mound, TX
Pelletier, Kelly  Official Court Reporter- 304th District Court  (Self),  Dallas, TX
Quintanilla, Roland P.  Court Reporter, Hidalgo County Probate Court  (Self),  McAllen, TX
Racanelli, Alicia  Official Reporter  (Official Court Repoter, 419th District Court, Travis County),  Austin, TX
Rape, Renee  Official Court Repoter  (300th District Court),  Clute, TX
Rape, Robin  Constable, Pct. 1  (Brazoria County),  Clute, TX
Raven, Michael  Freelance Court Reporter  (Victoria County, TX for TCRA),  Victoria, TX
Rendon, Rebecca Velasquez  Official Court Reporter- 28th District Court  (Self; Texas Court Reporters Association),  Corpus Christi, TX
Richards, Patti  Official Court Reporter- County Criminal Court #1  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Arlington, TX
Richardson, Dana  Freelance Court Reporter  (Self),  Porter, TX
Rivera, Kayleen  Official Court Reporter  (57th District Court Bexar County),  San Antonio, TX
Rivera, Sara E.  Court Reporter-Official Court Reporter 94th & 117th Dist.  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Corpus Christi, TX
Robert, Diane L.  Official Court Reporter-14th JD Dallas County  (Self),  Terrell, TX
Roy, David  Official Court Reporter  (Self; County Court at Law #4, Dallas County),  Dallas, TX
Salinas, Nancy  Official/ Freelance  (155th J.D., Fayette County),  Austin, TX
Sanchez, Suzann M.  Court Reporter  (Self),  Houston, TX
Self, Kimberly Reynolds  Official Court Reporter  (151st District Court),  Houston, TX
Shugart, Yvett  Official Court Reporter- 377th District Court  (Self),  Victoria, TX
Soto, Roxann G.  Official County Court Law #2, Laredo, Webb Co., TX  (Self),  Encinal, TX
Steen, Shari  Official Court Reporter- County Ct. at Law #3 Tarrant County  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Mansfield, TX
Sumler, Pamela K.  Court Reporter, 305th District Court  (305th District Court, Dallas County),  Cedar Hill, TX
Thomas, LaSonya  Court Reporter- 261st District Court  (Self),  Austin, TX
Trevino, Sonia G.  Official Court Reporter, 79th Judicial District  (Court Reporters),  Corpus Christi, TX
Vanhoy, Elizabeth  Official Court Repoter  (County Court at Law #1),  Austin, TX
Warren, Cori  Official Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Denton, TX
White, L. Rene  Court Reporter  (Self),  Houston, TX
Williams, Lisa  Official Court Reporter  (Texas Court Reporters Association),  Denton, TX

Wright, Brenda  Freelance Firm Owner/ Court Reporter  (Self),  Austin, TX
Xavier, Kimberly  Court Reporting  (Court Reporting Profession, Dallas County),  Arlington, TX
SB  192
Oliver, Russ  President  (Texas Mutual Insurance Company),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Simpson, Greg  Deputy Chief- Open Records Division  (OAG)
SB  271
Registering, but not testifying:
Allison, Jim  General Counsel  (County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Ramon, Maria Elena  Deputy General Counsel  (Office of Court Administration),  Austin, TX