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May 20, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Budget Oversight
Woodward, Ben  Judge 119th District Court  (Schleicher and Tom Green County District Courts)
Allen, John O.  VP UTMB Correctional Managed Care  (University of Texas Medical Branch)
Castle, Danette  Chief Executive Officer  (Texas Council of Community MHMR Centers),  Austin, TX
Cockerell, Carey  Commissioner  (Dept. of Family and Protective Services),  Austin, TX
Crocker, Terry  Chief Executive Officer  (Tropical Texas Behavioral Health)
Dudley, Kenneth  Hospital Administration  (Dept. of State Health Services)
Fox, Jennifer    (LBB)
Gadon, Dianne L.  Administrator  (TYC)
Hawkins, Albert  Commissioner  (HHSC),  Austin, TX
Lakey, David  Physician, Commissioner  (DSHS),  Austin, TX
McCown, F. Scott  Executive Director  (CPPP),  Austin, TX
McDermott, Jim  Executive Director  (Tarrant County MHMR Center),  Fort Worth, TX
Nedelkoff, Richard  Convservator  (TX Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Nicolas, Ken C.  Exec. Dir. - CJD  (Gov's Office),  Austin, TX
Parikh, M.D., R.C.  Medical Director  (TYC),  Austin, TX
Parks, Ursula  Assistant Director  (Legislative Budget Board),  Austin, TX
Payne, Susan  homemaker  (Self),  College Station, TX
Pharr, Machelle  Chief Financial Officer  (Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Scallion, Marva  LBB Manager  (LBB),  Austin, TX
Sill, Cindy  Executive Dir.  (Tri-County MHMR Services),  Conroe, TX
Smith, Shelley  Chief Executive Officer  (West Texas Centers for MHMR),  Big Spring, TX
Spiller, Lee  Researcher  (Citizens Commission on Human Rights),  Austin, TX
Suehs, Tom  Financial Services  (HHSC),  Austin, TX
Thyssen, Monica  Children's Mental Health Policy Specialist  (Advocacy, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Wadge, Gyl  Public Policy Director  (Mental Health America of Texas)
White, Rebecca  CFO  (Ofc of Gov),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Ferrara, Sandra  Director, Clinical and Administrative Programs  (UTMB Correctional Managed Care),  Galveston, TX
Spieker, Dianna  Tom Green Co. Treasurer  (Tom Green Co.),  San Angelo, TX