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March 25, 2008 - 10:00 AM
State Trust Funds Joint Interim Charge
Archer, Jeff  Legislative Counsel  (Texas Legislative Council),  Austin, TX
Brainard, Keith  Research Director  (National Assn of State Retirement Administrators),  Austin, TX
Fuelberg, Ann S.  Executive Director  (Employees Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Harris, Britt  Chief Investment Officer  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Hubert, Martin  Deputy Comptroller  (Comptroller of Public Accounts),  Austin, TX
Johnson, Jacqueline M.  Deputy Executive Director of Investments  (ERS),  Austin, TX
Jung, Ronnie  Executive Director  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Kelley, Scott  Exec. Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs  (UT System),  Austin, TX
Lee, Tim  Executive Director  (TX Retired Teachers Assn.),  Austin, TX
Marino, Ronald  Banking  (Citigroup),  New York, NY
Martin, Rusty  Deputy Commissioner, Funds Management  (General Land Office),  Austin, TX
Mattax, David  AAG  (Office of Attorney General),  Austin, TX
McCaulay, Martin  State Actuary  (Texas Pension Review Board),  Austin, TX
Nelson, Melissa  Analyst  (LBB),  Austin, TX
Nicholson, Paul  Executive Director  (Texas Pension Review Board),  Austin, TX
Osborne, Tom  Managing Director, Co-Head US Infrastructure/Privatization  (UBS Investment Bank),  New York, NY
Patterson, Jerry  Commissioner  (General Land Office),  Austin, TX
Russell, Phillip  Assistant Executive Director for Innovative Project Develop.  (TxDOT),  Austin, TX
Timmins, Holland  Chief Investment Officer  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
Zimmerman, Bruce  CEO and CIO  (UTIMCO),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Ceverha, Bill  Consultant  (ERS),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Ballard, Paul  CEO, Chief Investment Officer  (Texas Comptroller/Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Co.),  Austin, TX