Intergovernmental Relations
April 10, 2008 - 01:00 PM
Campbell, Ken    (State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts),  Pflugerville, TX
Cohen, Howard    (HC MUD #342 and #344),  Houston, TX
Gallahan, Russell  Economic Development Analyst  (Comptroller of Public Accounts),  Austin, TX
Gold, Mary  Manager, Advanced Systems Processing  (Comptroller of Public Accounts),  Austin, TX
Grogg, Don  President  (State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts),  Pflugerville, TX
Katz, Howard  Attorney  (Self),  Houston, TX
Lewis, Keith  President  (Comal County ESD #3),  Sattler, TX
Linardos, James  Fire Chief  (Travis County ESD #6),  Austin, TX
Reid, Glen  President  (Travis County ESD #10),  Austin, TX
Smith, Don  Fire Chief  (Travis County ESD #4),  Austin, TX
Tanner-Jacobs, Debbie    (Emergency Services District #6),  Austin, TX
Alexander, Susan  Legislative Counsel  (Texas Legislative Council),  Austin, TX
Allen, Joe B.    (Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, LLP),  Houston, TX
Harrison, Shawn  Senior Legislative Counsel  (Texas Legislative Council),  Austin, TX
Moore, Mark  Legislative Counsel  (Texas Legislative Council),  Austin, TX
Perkins, Val  Attorney  (Coats Rose Yale Ryman & Lee, PC),  Houston, TX
SB 968
Aldridge, Philip  Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance  (U.T. System),  Austin, TX
Bartolotta, Michael  Vice Chairman  (First Southwest Company),  Houston, TX
Collie, Jr., Robert    (Andrews Kurth, LLP),  Houston, TX
Fox, Richard A.  Senior Vice President  (First Southwest Company),  Dallas, TX
Griess, Thomas  Acting Division Chief, Public Finance Division  (Texas Attorney General's Office),  Austin, TX
Holder, Todd H.  Director  (Citigroup Global Markets Inc.),  Dallas, TX
Smith, Dalton  Director  (Merrill Lynch),  Houston, TX