Intergovernmental Relations
March 28, 2007 - 09:30 AM
SB  594
Adams, Howard    (South Texas Wastewater),  McAllen, TX
Massey, J. W.    (Aqua-Zyme Services, Inc.),  Van Vleck, TX
Rogers, Darrell  President  (Southwaste Services, Inc.),  Houston, TX
Covacevich, Anthony    (City of Weslaco),  Weslaco, TX
Love, John  Regional Vice President  (Liquid Environmental Solutions),  Spring, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Garey, Glen    (Texas Restaurant Association),  Austin, TX
Ozuna, Jr, Luciano  City Manager  (City of Alamo),  Alamo, TX
SB  968
Collie, Jr., Robert M.    (Andrews and Kurth, LLP),  Houston, TX
Fox, Richard  Senior Vice President  (First Southwest Company),  Dallas, TX
Jones, Debi  Senior Vice President  (Morgan Keegan & Company),  Houston, TX
Kline, Robert    (Bond Review Board),  Austin, TX
Stuck, Lynn  Chief of Public Finance Division  (Office of the Attorney General),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Floyd, Robert    (Citigroup Financial),  Austin, TX
Aldridge, Philip  Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance  (U. T. System),  Austin, TX
Edwards, Kim  Executive Director  (Texas Public Finance Authority),  Austin, TX
Martin, Rusty  Deputy Commissioner of Funds Management  (General Land Office),  Austin, TX
SB  1012
Blair, Nelda  Director  (Town Center Improvement District),  The Woodlands, TX
Ellis, Mark    (City of Houston),  Houston, TX
Page, Michael  General Counsel  (Town Center Improvement District),  Houston, TX
Taylor, Susan    (City of Houston),  Houston, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Blair, Jim    (Self),  The Woodlands, TX
Deretchin, Joel  President  (The Community Associations of The Woodlands),  The Woodlands, TX
Hunter, Claude  Vice President  (The Woodlands Association),  The Woodlands, TX
Hunter, Claude    (The Woodlands Fire Department),  The Woodlands, TX
Hunter, Claude    (The Woodlands Community Service Corporation),  The Woodlands, TX
McKinney, Miles    (Self),  The Woodlands, TX
Stout, Bob  Consultant  (The Woodlands Development Co., LLP),  The Woodlands, TX
Stout, Bob  Consultant  (Town Center Improvement District),  The Woodlands, TX
Tough, Bruce    (Woodlands Fire Department / Woodlands Community Service Corp),  The Woodlands, TX
Van Steenberg, Chip  City Administrator  (City of Shenandoah),  Shenandoah, TX
Welbes, Tim  President  (The Woodlands Development Co.),  The Woodlands, TX
SB  1086
Cauduro, Paul    (Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas),  Plano, TX
Horton, Susan  Attorney  (Texas Municipal League),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Aschmann, Adam    (Greater Houston Builders Association),  Houston, TX
Munoz, Ned    (Texas Association of Builders),  Austin, TX
Whalen, Ken  Executive Vice President  (Texas Daily Newspaper Association & Texas Press Association),  Austin, TX
SB  1106
Bacon, April  Chief Assistant County Auditor  (Travis County Auditor's Office),  Austin, TX
Mynar, Jimmy  Burleson County Auditor  (Texas Association of County Auditors),  Caldwell, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Lee, Donald    (Texas Conference of Urban Counties),  Austin, TX
Rice, Chuck    (Texas Association of County Auditors),  Austin, TX
Sugg, Paul    (Texas Association of Counties),  Austin, TX
SB  1180
Registering, but not testifying:
Claymon, Jennifer  Attorney  (Self; Dewitt Medical District),  Austin, TX

Finch, Dan    (Texas Medical Association),  Austin, TX
Macdonald, Cory  Legal Counsel  (Dewitt Medical District),  Austin, TX
Papacek, Charles W.  Board Member  (Dewitt Medical District),  Cuero, TX
Stefka, Darryl  Administrator  (Dewitt Medical District),  Cuero, TX
Weber, Richard C.  President of the Board of Directors  (Cuero Community Hospital),  Cuero, TX
Wheat, J. Mike  Board Member  (Cuero Community Hospital),  Cuero, TX
SB  1436
Barr, Bruce    (Texas Association of Counties),  Austin, TX
Birdwell, Wes  Chair, Legislative Committee  (Texas Floodplain Management Association),  Austin, TX
Rothe, Gregory  President  (Texas Water Conservation Association),  Austin, TX
Rothe, Gregory  General Manager  (San Antonio River Authority),  San Antonio, TX
Johnson, Gary    (Texas Comptroller's Office),  Austin, TX
Meyer, Joe    (Texas Department of Insurance),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Howard, Mike    (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality),  Austin, TX
Ward, Kevin    (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX
Weitzel, Lorelei    (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX