Transportation Committee
(Subcommittee on Teen Driving Safety)
April  30, 2008 - 9:00 AM
Teen Driving Safety
Alegria, Victor (Texas Education  Agency)
Arterburn, David (Brett) (Less Tears...More Years)
Barrett, Patrick  (Self and Driver Ed in a Box & Collision-Free Driver Ed)
Burroughs, Robert H. (Texas Department of Public Safety)
Dabney, Carey (Texas PTA)
Gilbert, Tammy A.  (Self and Texas Driver and Safety Education Association, Education Service Center, Region VI)
Henk, Russell (Texas Transportation Institute)
Johnson, Phil (Less Tears...More Years)
Lambert, Tim  (Self and Texas Home School Coalition (THSC))
Lopez, Carlos (TxDOT)
Madison, Kevin R.  (Self)
Parrish, Deborah L.  (Self)
Pezoldt, Val (Texas Transportation Institute)
Reyna, Carlos  (Self and I Drive Safely)
Teliha, Peter  (Self)
Windsor, Bill (Nationwide Insurance)
Registering, but not testifying:
Deviney, Lee (Texas Education Agency)
Saint, Nina (Texas Education Agency, Driver Training Division)