Culture, Recreation, & Tourism Committee
March  6, 2007 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
HB  7
Nau, III, John L. (Commissioner-THC)
Alfwein, Glenn, CCED  (Self and Friends of the Monument Hill, Kriesche Brewery State of Texas Park)
Bousman, Dr. Britt  (Self)
DeVault, Jan (Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground and Texans for State Parks)
Duncan, Barry (Supporters of Sebastapol)
Galindo, Ph.D, Mary Jo  (Self)
Garza, Ruben (Amigos of Goliad Historical Park (Vice-President))
Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
Leech, Virginia  (Self and Friends of the Monument Hill, Kriesche Brewery SHS)
Merz, Evelyn L.  (Self and Houston Sierra Club)
Small, Roger, President, FOP ((FOP) Friends of the Monument Hill and Kriesche Brewery State Historic Sites)
Armstrong, Bob (Texans for State Parks)
Bates, Valerie (City of Port Isabel)
Bristol, George L. (Texas Coalition for Conservation)
Byrd, Calvin R. (City of Port Isabel)
Dabney, Walt (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
Freeman, Martha Doty  (Self)
Meza, Edward (City of Port Isabel, Museums of Port Isabel
Oaks, Lawerence (Larry) (Texas Historical Commission)
Schenke, Diane (The Park People)
Symank, Frances (Friends of the Fulton Mansion)
Whitlow, Elizabeth  (Self)
Yeamans, Asa (Friend of the Fulton Mansion)
Registering, but not testifying:
Davis, Steve  (Self)
Beving, Rita  (Self)
Carlton, Kay  (Self)
Dodge, Kirsten A.  (Self)
Evans, Linda  (Self and Texans for State Parks)
Hess, Myron J. (National Wildlife Federation)
Melton, Dion  (Self)
Todd, Lucy  (Self)
Francisco, Jill  (Self and City of Port Isabel)
HB  308
Bearden, Chase (CTD/Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
Dark, James (Texas State Rifle Association)
McGowen, Stanley S.  (Self)
Tripp, Alice (Texas State Rifle Assoc.)
Tripp, Alice (TX State Rifle Assoc.)
Sinclair, David (Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement)
Registering, but not testifying:
Rogers, William  (Self)
HB  1634
Belsky, Stephen  (Self and TXMPA, IATSE, "Swingtown" (CBS Pilot filming in Austin))
Brown, Gazzy A. (20th Century Fox Television- Prison Break)
Dunkerley, Betty (City of Austin)
Garcia, Hector (Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
Gibbs, Rodney  (Self)

Holt, David  (Self)
Kelley-Albiez, Veronica  (Self)
McMenamin, Gene (The Omni Austin Hotel)
Mills, Sherry  (Self)
O'Leary, Brian (NBC Universal)
Schrimpf, John (Panavision Dallas)
Smith, Carissa (Omni Austin Hotel Downtown)
Hudgins, Bob (Texas Film Commission)
Registering, but not testifying:
Burklund, Janis (Dallas Film Commission and Dallas Conv. and Visitors Bureau)
Coblentz, Clayton  (Self)
Davis, Steven R.  (Self)
Estrada, Tony  (Self and Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
Finn, James, Panavision  (Self)
Fowler, Susan  (Self and TXMPA)
Hamrick, Shari  (Self and Spirit Horse Productions)
Joslove, Scott (Texas Hotel & Lodging Assn.)
Kennedy, Suzanne  (Self)
Martin, Homer  (Self)
Martin, Jeremy (Austin Chamber of Commerce)
Melville, Merideth (Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
O'Hara, Carolyn  (Self)
Potts, Garry  (Self)
Rector, Ken, Business Manager (IATSE Local 484 (Motion Picture Crafts Union), representing all of Texas)
Redin, Van  (Self)
Richards, Clark  (Self and TXMPA)
Richardson, Jody (Motion Picture Association of America)
Rouse, Bea (Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
Schmidt, Stephen R.  (Self)
Shank, Glenn  (Self)
Slocum, Joyce D. (HIT Entertainment)
Travis, Ann (City of Houston)
Watson, Gary  (Self)
Welch, Barney  (Self)
HJR 71
Armstrong, Bob (Texans for State Parks)
Bristol, George L. (Texas Coalition for Conservation)
Massey, Michael  (Self and Texas Recreational and Parks Society)
Merz, Evelyn L.  (Self and Houston Sierra Club)
Schenke, Diane (The Park People)
Heflin, Talmadge (Texas Public Policy Foundation)
Schlomach, Ph.D., Byron (Texas Public Policy Foundation)
Registering, but not testifying:
Alexander, Clyde  (Self)
Carmona, Oscar  (Self and Texas Recreation and Park Society)
Gonzalez, Daniel (Texas Association of Realtors)
Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League)
Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
Lehman, Mark (Texas Association of Realtors)
Mayberry, Warren (Texas Farm Bureau)
Pratte, Emily E. (Environment Texas)
Reagan, Karen (Texas Retailers Association)
Reid, Susan (League of Women Voters of Texas)