Public Education Committee
July  16, 2008 - 9:00 AM
Baldwin, Mike (Science Teachers Association of Texas)
Canaday, Jennifer M. (Association of Texas Professional Educators)
Charpoit, Janet (CREST, Coalition of Reading & English Supervisors of Texas)
Craig, Bob  (Self)
De La Rosa, Norma (Texas State Reading Association)
D'Entremont, Cathy  (Self)
Ferreira-Buckley, Linda  (Self)
Fisher, Kevin  (Self)
Foster, Karen (Coalition of Reading of English Supervisors)
Guevara, Michael  (Self)
Hardy, Pat  (Self)
Hill, Margaret (Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading)
Hillis, Richard  (Self)
Hughey, Sandy  (Self and NEISD)
Innis, George  (Self)
Izquierdo, Dr. Elena (TABE, Texas Association for Bilingual Edu)
Jacoby, Pat  (Self)
Knight, Mavis B.  (Self)
Koym, Kenneth  (Self and Dialogue-Producing Consortium & American International UN TEA Approved School Board Member Trainer)
Lapp, Joseph  (Self and Texas Citizens for Science)
McLeroy, Don (SBOE)
Mercer, Hon. Ken (SBOE)
Morris, Alana (Coalition of English Supervisors of Texas)
Patterson, Leslie  (Self and Faculty Member, College of Education, University of North Texas)
Plummer, Beth  (Self and NEISD)
Quinzi, Patty (Texas - American Federation of Teachers)
Schafersman, Steven D. (Texas Citizens for Science)
Simpson, Anne  (Self)
Tyroff, Cynthia (Northside and Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts)
Valentine, Ryan (Texas Freedom Network)
Wallis, Judy  (Self)
Willis, Sondra  (Self and Work Group to revise the Texas ELA/R TEKS)
Wuellner, Dr. Clare (Center for Inquiry Austin - Transnational, Non-profit)