Property Tax Relief and Appraisal Reform, Select Committee
August  19, 2008 - 11:00 AM
Property Tax / Appraisal
Altinger, Roland (Director of Information and Assistance)
Bettencourt, Hon. Paul (Harris County Tax Office)
Bradford, Victoria (Realtor)
Callahan, Michael (Houston Elks)
Casale, Bobby Jo  (Self)
Castlesehouldt, Mark A. (Chief App. Montgomery Central Appraisal District)
Esch, Oliver (Harris County ARB)
Galindo, Ramiro  (Self)
Hammond, Denise  (Self)
Hart, Coach Dan  (Self and Coach, Taxpayers for Equal Appraisal)
Heine, Darryl W.  (Self)
Helstrom, Lee (Montgomery Central Ap. Dist. Taxpayer Liaison Office)
Hunt, Stacy (Graystar Real Estate Partners)
Johnson, Cheryl E. (County Tax Assessor Collector)
Junek, Allen  (Self and General Contractor)
McCreary, Robert L.  (Self and Retired Property Owner)
Montgomery, Cynthia  (Self and Cynthia L. Colvin Trust (Trustee), loss consultant)
Moore, Bob (Houston ISD)
Murphy, W.Edward (Bill)  (Self and Real Estate Broker)
Nichols, John  (Self and Houston Assoc.of Realtors)
Pennington, Joe  (Self and Harris County Republican Pct 495 Pct Chairman
Pi, Anna  (Self)
Ridgway, John  (Self and TX Apt. Assoc, Houston Apt. Assoc, Regional VP Pinnacle Management)
Robinson, Jim (Harris County Appraisal District)
Schulze, Martin  (Self and Air conditioning contractor)
Shah, Dinesh (Fort Bend Central Appraisal District)
Spencer, CPA, Steve M  (Self and CPA)
Stanart, Gail (Mary Kay Beauty Consultant)
Waidhofer, William  (Self and Physician)
Whitehead, Glen (Fort Bend Central Appraisal District)
Wiggins, April  (Self)
Wolff, Ed  (Self)
Registering, but not testifying:
Case, Mary  (Self and Retired)
Davis, James B.  (Self)
Degges, Chad  (Self)
Kubosh, Felix "Michael" (Harris County Bail Bondsman)
O'Connor, Pat  (Self and O'Connor & Associates)
Park, Kwang Soo  (Self)
Sellers, Melanie  (Self)