Property Tax Relief and Appraisal Reform, Select Committee
July  15, 2008 - 1:00 PM
Property Tax / Appraisal
Arena, Kelly  (Self)
Baker, Allen  (Self and Retired)
Bieber, Roland (Chief Appraiser, Jefferson County)
Booker, James  (Self)
Bradley, David  (Self and Real Estate)
Cedars, Michael (Chief Appraiser, Orange County)
Conner, Alan (Chief Appraiser, Liberty County)
DuBois, Edd  (Self and Small Business owner)
Fertitta, Mark A. (Apartment Assoc. of SET)
Fregia, Michael (Chief Appraiser, Chambers County)
Gage, Marvin  (Self)
Godfrey, Peter H.  (Self and James J. Flanagan Shipping, Thomas M. Flanagan Real Estate Interests)
Godley, Mark  (Self and Refinery worker, rent property owner)
Haig, Doris (Dr. Martin R. Haig)
Holst, E. Harland (Jefferson County Appraisal Review Board)
Jacobs, Larry D.  (Self and Retired)
Johnson, Charles (Chambers County ARB)
Kline, James  (Self)
Laird, Curtis A.  (Self and Liberty County ARB and self - retired military)
Martin, Roy G. (Valero Energy Corp.)
McArthur, W.C.  (Self)
Miller, W.R.  (Self)
Neild, Wm E.  (Self)
Stevens, Terry Lewis  (Self)
Stone, Beverly S.  (Self and Retired)
Trahan, Gerald (Construction contractor)
Whittington, Horace (Liberty County ARB)
Registering, but not testifying:
Bass, Michael  (Self and Retired Interested party)
Breivogel, Buddy (Comptroller - Resource Only)
Jackson, Maurice  (Self)
Jones, Kathy  (Self and Part time secretary)
Novosad, Trey (Valero Energy Corp)