Property Tax Relief and Appraisal Reform, Select Committee
July  8, 2008 - 11:00 AM
Property Tax / Appraisal
Bayne, William R.  (Self)
Breivogel, Buddy (Comptroller)
Brown, Rob  (Self)
Carr, Thomas D. (Ret. abused property tax payor)
Cooksey, Dave  (Self)
Costa, Fernando (City of Fort Worth)
Evans, Jan A.  (Self)
Forrester, Ed  (Self and Retired)
Garrett, Bob  (Self and Texas Association of Builders; Land development, construction, oil and gas)
Gear, Wade C.  (Self and Commercial Real Estate)
Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn  (Self and Texas Eagle Forum; Homemaker)
Hammonds, Larry (Parker County Appraisal District)
Honea, Jimmie  (Self and Collin Appraisal District)
Hooper, Sims  (Self and Analyst - Programmer - Retired)
Kisar, F.D.  (Self)
Losada, Gary M.  (Self and Semi-retired)
Marshall, John R. (Tarrant Appraisal District)
Nolan, Ken (Dallas Central Appraisal District)
Richardson, Pat (Pantego Lions Foundation, Inc.)
Rummel, John (Yellow Engine GGJR Corp)
Scoma, Charles  (Self)
Vick, John  (Self)
Weber, Richard  (Self and Retired citizen)
Wolff, Mayor Pro-tem Lana (City of Arlington)
Wright, John (Tarrant Appraisal Review Board)
Registering, but not testifying:
Gibbons, Terry  (Self and Retired)
Pikulinski, Jerome (Retired federal economist)
Wood, Robert (Comptroller of Public Accounts)