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Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee
July  9, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Interim charge #1
Brown, Bryan  (Self)
Hellmers, Christian (BETFAIR Limited)
Hooper, David S. (Texas Thoroughbred Association)
Scoggins, Dr. Gregg (Lone Star Park, XpressBet, Inc. and Magna Entertainment Corp.)
Strause, Jonathan P. (Virtual Media Group, USA LLC)
Whiteley, Diane (Texas Greyhound Association)
Fenner, Mark (Texas Racing Commission)
King, Charla Ann (Texas Racing Commission)
Oversight: State Bar of Texas
Davis, Daniel E. (Daniel E. Davis, Pres.; David Pipelayer, Inc.)
Stuckey, Joe W. (Daniel E. Davis, David Pipelayer, Inc.)
Blackwell, Betty (Commission for Lawyer Discipline, State Bar of Texas)
Estes, Harper (The State Bar of Texas)
Neal, John (State Bar of Texas)
Interim charge #2
King, Charla Ann (Texas Racing Commission)
Oversight: Tx. Lottery Commission
Fenoglio, Stephen (Aces Wired, Inc.)