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Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee
May  15, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Charge #4:  Bingo
Fenoglio, Stephen (River City Bingo Association + State VFW & Its 400+ Posts & Over 400 other Charitable &Business Organizations)
Wall, Janie  (Self)
Williams, Joseph A.  (Self and 5 Star Bingo, Ambler Charities Unit Trust, Barrow Charities Unit Trust, Hamby Volunteer Fire Dept.)
Branom, Edwin F.  (Self and Bingo Interest Group)
Bresnen, Steve (Bingo Interest Group)
Minch, Jeffrey L. (Littlefield Corporation, Tx. Ass'n for the Advancement of Charitable Bingo)
Saenz, Angie (American G.I. Forum, Westport Youth, Corpus Christi)
Sanderson, Philip D., Director (Texas Lottery Commision Charitable Bingo Operations Division)
Smith, Cynthia (Ayers Civic Center, Christ the King Church (School), Corpus Christi)
Registering, but not testifying:
Duewall, Craig A. (Littlefield Corporation & Texas Association for the Charitable Advancement of Bingo)
McNally, James (Littlefield Corporation & Texas Association for the Advancement of Charitable Bingo)
Charge #5:  Charitable Raffles
Fenoglio, Stephen (River City Bingo & State VFW & Its 400+ Posts)
Henderson, Mary T. (The Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott)