Insurance Committee
April  29, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Joint Interim Charges #5 & #10
Lee, Amy (Texas Department of Insurance)
Workers' Compensation/Entergy
Barwinkel, Paulette (Texas Legislative Council)
Betts, Albert (Texas Department of Insurance - Division of Workers' Compensation)
Bow, Jonathan D. (State Office of Risk Mgt.)
Bresnen, Steve (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
Byckovski, J'ne (Texas Department of Insurance)
Christian, George (Texas Civil Justice League)
Darwin, Norman (Office of Injured Employee Counsel)
Dean, Ralph (Self)
Frakes, Terry (Texas Mutual Insurance Co.)
Geeslin, Mike (Texas Department of Insurance)
Gonzalez, Arthur J. (Jose Herrera, Aaron Salinas)
Herrera, Jose (Self)
Hunnings, Amanda (Self)
Hunnings, Linda (Self)
Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)
Parsley, Lee (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
Ratliff, Tim (Self and Transport Workers Union, Mike Boninilla, Gearld Brown)
Risk, Raymond (Texas Construction Association)
Rowe, Eva Marie (Self)
Salinas, Aaron T. (Self)
Senko, David (Self)
Swift, Jr., Bernard T. (Texas Medical Association)
Vollbrecht, Stephen (State Office of Risk Management)
White, Brian (Office of Injured Employee Counsel)
Williams, John Eddie (Self and TTLA)
Registering, but not testifying:
Raschke, Fred D. (Texas Assocation of Defense Counsel (TADC))