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Energy Resources Committee
April  2, 2007 - 8:00 AM
HB  1904
Montgomery, Eugene W.  (Self and Self, TXOGA, Oxy Permian)
Quinn, Kitty-Sue (Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association)
Robison, Doug (EXL, Petroleum)
Sebree, Ben (Texas Oil & Gas Association)
Burleson, Steven Earl  (Self)
Carter, Rosine (Luling Oil Producers & Royalty Owners)
Carter, Stuart (Carter Cattle and Crude Company, Inc)
Connaway, Delbert (Dale Henry)
DeYoung, Kathy (Live Oak Reserves)
Die, Roy (RLI Insurance Company)
Geiger, Jason  (Self)
Hardwick, Ross  (Self)
Henry, Dale (Marginal Well Producers)
Ice, David  (Self and My Self & Ice Well Services, Inc.)
Johanson, Keith  (Self and J&J Oil)
Lawrence, Leanna  (Self and Acock/Anaqua Operating, Co., L.P.)
Levisay, Tommy L. (Marginall Well Assoc.
Dale Henry)
Saur, Jerry  (Self)
Smith, Debbie  (Self and TXO, plc; TOGS Energy, Inc & M-C Production & Drilling Co., Inc.)
Spiller, J.A.  (Self)
Stevens, Bill (Texas Alliance of Energy Producer)
Tomlinson, Earl R.  (Self)
Warndof, Donna (TIPRO - Tx. Independent Producers & Royalty Owners)
Wolski, Vicki (WW Energy)
Carrillo-Commissione, Victor G. (Railroad Commission of Texas)
Varela, Richard (Railroad Commission of Texas)
Registering, but not testifying:
Holt, David  (Self)
Hughes, Wayne (Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Assoc.)
Barnes, Jeff  (Self)
Barnes, K.A.  (Self)
Brast, Jimmy (E&W Oil)
Carter, Jimmy R.  (Self)
Doege, Donald  (Self)
Doege, Jack  (Self)
Glenn, Carl (Consolidated Oil & Gas, Inc.)
Henry, Mary Ruth  (Self)
Hicks, Charles A.  (Self)
Hicks, LaQuita  (Self)
Hoe, James W.  (Self)
Holder, John  (Self)
Horan, Ken  (Self)
Kidd, Jerry  (Self)
Klaegen, Dale  (Self)
Klingberg, Roger & Joyce  (Self)
Mathis, Michael  (Self)
Osborn, Jerry (Crown Equipment Co. & Operating)
Patterson, Vernon K.  (Self)

Perales, Alejandro (Petro 2000 Exploration)
Pitts, Bobby  (Self)
Simpson, Christopher M.  (Self)
Simpson, Michael J.  (Self)
Streetman, Johnny W.  (Self)
Trotti, Stephany (E&W Oil)
Williams, Mathew  (Self)
Yazell, Cindy  (Self)
Yazell, Phillip  (Self)
Harris, Ryan  (Self)
Helmueller, Mark (Railroad Commission)
Poe, Timothy A. (Railroad Commission)
HB  1920
Carter, Stuart (Carter Cattle and Crude Company)
Registering, but not testifying:
Markey, Michele (Apache Corp.)
Patterson, Jerry E. (Texas General Land Office)
Quinn, Kitty - Sue (Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association)
Williams, Steve (Apache Corporation)
Fowler, G. William (Davis Gas Processing)
Geise, Bill (Railroad Commission of Texas)
HB  1920 - Committee Substitute  (Farabee)
Chisum, Jack W.  (Self and Apache Corp./Thurmond McGlothlin)
Hughes, Wayne (Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association)
Kernodle, Denton (Apache Corporation)
King, Frank (Frank King
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers)
Marcom, J.  (Self)
O'Brien, Obie (Apache Corporation)
Warndof, Donna (TIPRO - Tx. Independent Producers & Royalty Owners.)
Smail, Jeff (Devon Energy Corporation)
Carter, Stuart (Carter Cattle and Crude Company)
DeYoung, Kathy (Copano Energy and Live Oak Reserves, Inc.)
Hartmann, Steve (University of Texas System)
Mann, James (Texas Pipeline Association)
Registering, but not testifying:
Stephens, Virginia (National Association of Royalty Owners - Texas)
Stevens, Bill (TX Alliance of Energy Producers)
Abernathy, Robert  (Self and American Royalty Council)
Davis, Tricia  (Self and American Royalty Council)