Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
February  13, 2007 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
criminal jurisprudence issues
Bethke, Jim (Task Force on Indigent Defense)
Camp, Victoria "Torie" (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)
Edmonds, Shannon (TDCAA (Texas District & County Attorneys Assn.))
Gaylor, Tom (Texas Municipal Police Assoc)
Gonzales, Dominic (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition)
Grimes, Regina Y. (Tx Dept. Crim Justice, Interstate Compact)
Hampton, Keith S. (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Assn)
Harrell, Will (ACLU of Texas)
Jermstad, Todd (Texas Probation Association)
Johnson, Chris (MADD)
Keilen, Andrea (Texas Defender Service)
Marsh, Andrea (Texas Fair Defense Project)
Martinez, Joseph (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association)
Paul, Matthew (Office of the State Prosecuting Attorney)
Tafoya, Marcelo (LULAC)
Warren, Jim (PBT)
Wolf, Laura (Texas Council on Family Violence)