Corrections Committee
(Subcommittee on Substance Abuse and Mental Illness)
May  29, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Substance Abuse/Mental Illness
Becker, Paul (Harris County Community Supervision & Corrections Department- Director)
Bibby, Angela (DSHS)
Brown-Jack, Daphine P. (Texas Dept of Criminal Justice Parole)
Clack, Renee (Texas Department of State Health Services)
Collier, Bryan (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Coombs, Bill  (Self and Helen Farabee Regional MHMR 97th Dist. C.S. & C Dept (Probation))
Davis, Sue (Mental Health/Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County)
de Camara, Rebecca (Mental Health America of Greater Houston)
DeWitt, R.Ph., Lauren (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)
Drake, Cathy  (Self)
Drymala, Alan  (Self)
DuFour, Doots (Diocese of Austin)
Evans, David (Austin Travis County MHMR Center)
Gutierrez, David  (Self)
Hinckson, Andrea (Mental Health America of Greater Houston)
Keller, Sharon (Mental Health Task Force
Task Force on Indigent Defense)
Knox, Jr., McKinley W. (ABODE Treatment, Inc.)
Lee, Michael (Houston Police Department)
Maples, Mike (Dept of State Health Services)
McDermott, Jim (Texas Council of MHMR Center)
McKnight, Dennis J.  (Self)
Otto, Shirley  (Self)
Rushing, Susan (Burke Center)
Spriggs, Vicki (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission)
Taylor, Allison (Council on Sex Offender Treatment)
Webb, Frank (Houston Police Department)
Wilson, Dee (TX Dept. of Criminal Justice-TCOOMMI)
Yanez-Correa, Ana (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition)
Registering, but not testifying:
Fowler, Deborah (Texas Appleseed)
Gay, Clifford  (Self)
Olsen, Brian (Afscme)
Quintana, Diana (Harris County Juvenile Probation Dept)