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Civil Practices Committee
April  25, 2007  upon final adjourn./recess
HB  813
Frazier, Randy (Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Tx)
Gorski, Ted (City of Fort Worth)
Pitchinson, Michael (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
Reagan, David (Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool)
Registering, but not testifying:
Harvey, Jay  (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)
Mims, Paige (City of Plano, Texas)
Simmons, Mr. Hyattye O. (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)
HB  1830
East, Brian (Advocacy, Inc.)
Registering, but not testifying:
Bolton, Pamela (Texas Watch)
HB  2262
Registering, but not testifying:
Baylis, Robert B.  (Self)
Biggs, Bill B.  (Self)
Biggs, Neva  (Self)
Bruns, Richard M. (DFW - Drywall & Acoustical Contractors Assn)
Chester, Brian E.  (Self)
Cisneros III, Thomas  (Self)
Doyle, Breedan  (Self)
Freeman, Harold (Texas Construction Association)
Gatenby, Marty  (Self)
Guinn, Cynthia (Central Texas Subcontractors Association)
Janecka, Ronald  (Self)
Jones, Nancy (Associated Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors of Texas)
Junker, Jennifer  (Self)
Lambert, Chris  (Self)
McGee, Robert L.  (Self)
Morgan, Eugene (MdM Scaffolding Services, Inc.)
Nelson, Kenneth  (Self)
Ogle, Bendetta  (Self)
Payne, Dale  (Self)
Perry, Collier (Perry & Perry Builders Inc.)
Stieker Jr, Elmer H.  (Self)
Strieker, Kristen  (Self)
Williams, Larry  (Self)
Acevedo, Adrian (Anadarko Petroleum Corp.)
Aldred, Tom (Texas Conservative Coalition)
Anderson, Lisa (Shell Oil Co
Jayme Cox)
Bonner, Stephen (Texas Instruments Inc.)
Brown, Jay (Valero)
Burdett, Jeff (Texas Cable and Telecommunications Association)
Casteel, Carter (Texas Civil Justice League)
Casto, Larry (City of Dallas)
Chatron, Michael J.  (Self)
Christian, George (Texas Civil Justice League)
Fitzgerald, Amy (City of Arlington)
Frazier, Randy (Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Tx)
Gorski, Ted (City of Fort Worth
1000 Throckmorton Street)
Gouterman, Bryan (AT&T)

Hazlewood, Steve (The Dow Chemical Company)
Hinkle, Ron (Texas Civil Justice League)
Howden, Robert (Texas Association of Manufacturers)
Hrneir, John (City of Austin)
Hull, Darrin (City of Houston)
Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League)
Jones, Jr., Neal T. (H.E.B. Grocery, Inc.)
McCauley, Cindy (Lyondell Chemical Company)
Miksa, Mary (Texas Association of Business)
Moore, Julie W. (Occidental Petroleum)
Nelson, Steve  (Self and Associated General Contractors - Tx Building Branch and SureTec Insurance Company)
Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)
Oswald, Bill  (Self and Koch Industries)
Ratliff, Thomas (Texas Civil Justice League)
Rivero, Hector (Texas Chemical Council)
Roberts, Cary (Texas Civil Justice League)
Sander, Lindsay (Kinder Morgan)
Sebree, Ben (Texas Oil & Gas Association)
Sellers, Tom (ConocoPhillips)
Simmons, Mr. Hyattye O. (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)
Smith, Andrew (City of San Antonio)
Tays, Sara (Exxon Mobil Corporation)
Warndof, Donna (TIPRO - Tx. Independent Procedures and Royalty Owners)
Wisdom, Christina (Texas Chemical Council)
HB  3377
Registering, but not testifying:
Bernhardt, Rebecca (American Civil Liberties Union of Texas)
Chester, Hilary (Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Antonio)
Frederick, Maria (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops)
Joslove, Scott (Texas Hotel & Lodging Assn.)
Kimball, Mandi Sheridan (Children at Risk)
Weber, Stephanie D. (Houston Rescue & Restore Coalition)
HB  3550
Barber, Jeff  (Self)
Lain, Jackie (Texas Association of School Boards)
Roach, Nelson (Texas Trial Lawyers Assn.)
SB  763
Registering, but not testifying:
Christian, George (Texas Association of Defense Counsel)
Harvey, Jay  (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)
Frazier, Randy (Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas)