Appropriations-S/C on Criminal Justice Committee
February  6, 2007 - 8:00 AM
LBB Budget Recommendations
Abbott, Greg (Office of the Attorney General)
Alderson, Shannon (Office of the Attorney General)
Bowman, Glenna (Office of Court Administration)
Caycie, John (2nd Court of Appeals)
Chew, David Wellington (Eighth Court of Appeals)
DeBottis, Gina (Special Prosecution Unit)
Earle, Ronald (Public Integrity Unit)
Gray, Tom (Tenth Court of Appeals District of Texas)
Hedges, Adele (Courts of Appeals 14th Court of Appeals)
Hervey, Barbara (Texas Court of Criminal Appeals)
Hottle, Keith E. (Fourth Court of Appeals)
Hubert, Martin (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
Jefferson, Wallace B (The Supreme Court of Texas)
Kepple, Robert (Texas District & County Attorneys Association)
Law, Ken (Court of Appeals, 3rd Dist.)
McKeithen, Steve (Ninth Court of Appeals)
Millholland, Herman (Office of the Attorney General)
Nichols, Eric (Office of the Attorney General)
O'Neill, Harriet (The Supreme Court of Texas)
Paul, Matthew (Office of State Prosecuting Attorney)
Prather-Forbis, Leslie (State Law Library)
Quinn, Brian (Seventh Court of Appeals)
Radack, Sherry (First Court of Appeals)
Reynolds, Carl (Office of Court Administration)
Sullivan, Kent (Office of the Attorney General)
Valdez, Rogelio (13th Court of Appeals- Budget Request)
Willing, Seana (State Commission on Judicial Conduct)
Worthen, James (12th District Court of Appeals 11th District Court of Appeals (Eastland))