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Transportation & Homeland Security
7:30 AM, Wednesday, March 21, 2007
E1.016 (Hearing Room)
Senator John Carona
The hearing will begin at 7:30 a.m.  If consideration is not concluded
when the Senate convenes, the hearing will continue at 2:00 p.m., or upon
adjournment of the Senate.  The Chair lays out the bills in the order of
his pleasure, however, due to subject matter and in consideration of
out-of-town witnesses, the following bills are likely to be heard in
the morning session:
SB 718
Relating to the route selection for the Trans-Texas Corridor.
SB 719
Relating to prohibiting the Texas Department of Transportation from granting an interest in a state highway to an individual or nongovernmental entity.
SB 991
Relating to the cessation of tolls by toll project entities in certain circumstances.
SB 766
Relating to the transfer of powers and duties for accident reports from the Department of Public Safety to the Texas Department of Transportation.
SB 1795
Relating to increasing the amount of bonds and other public securities that may be secured by a pledge of and payable from revenue deposited to the credit of the state highway fund.
SB 11
Relating to homeland security; providing a penalty.
SB 274
Estes / et al.
Relating to the issuance of Silver Star Medal license plates.
SB 876
Relating to authorizing the Texas Department of Public Safety to establish a driver record monitoring pilot program and enter into contracts for the periodic reporting of certain information in the department's driver's license files.
SB 955
Relating to use of electronically readable information on a driver's license or personal identification certificate by certain organizations that sponsor youth programs.
SB 1084
Relating to advertising in Department of Public Safety driver's license mailings.
SB 1154
Relating to sales of certain regulated material and to the criminal penalties for violations relating to those sales.

SB 1208
Relating to the release of a motor vehicle accident report or certain information in a motor vehicle accident report, providing penalties.
The following bills might be considered during the morning session, but are
likely to be heard in the afternoon session beginning at 2:00 p.m. or upon
adjournment of the Senate.
SB 792
Williams / et al.
Relating to the power of counties and certain other public entities with respect to certain transportation projects.
SB 668
Relating to the operation, powers, and duties of a toll project entity.
SB 798
Relating to the penalty for failure to yield the right-of-way.
SB 893
Relating to the acquisition of an international railroad toll bridge by certain counties.
SB 1025
Relating to the powers and duties of the Texas Department of Transportation related to rail facilities.
SB 1119
Relating to the authority of a local authority to implement a photographic traffic signal enforcement system; providing for the imposition of civil penalties.
SB 1267
Relating to a moratorium on the inclusion of certain provisions in a comprehensive development agreement or the sale of a toll project and to the creation and duties of a study committee.
The following bills are pending and may be considered at any time:
CSSB 111 by Carona (Substitute)  Relating to certain rights of owners of
outdoor advertising.
CSSB 137 by Nelson (Substitute)  Relating to the prohibition of signs on
certain roads.
SB 384 by Zaffirini  Relating to erecting an off-premise sign adjacent to
and visible from certain roads.
SB 669 by Watson (Substitute)  Relating to erecting an off-premise sign
adjacent to and visible from certain roads.
SB 887 by Shapiro  Relating to the use of certain revenue generated by
Texas Department of Transportation toll projects.
SB 964 by Shapiro  Relating to the board of directors of a regional tollway
SB 965 by Shapiro  Relating to the powers and duties of a regional tollway
authority related to turnpikes and other related projects.
** See Committee Coordinator for previous versions of the schedule **