Public Education
8:00 AM, Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Rep. Rob Eissler
HB 1569
Goolsby / et al.
Relating to participation in school district services and activities by home-schooled students.
HB 3092
Relating to considering for school district accountability purposes the performance of students confined by court order in a residential program or facility.
HB 879
Howard, Charlie
Relating to certification and continuing education requirements for certain public education administrators.
SB 389
Relating to the capacity of the permanent school fund bond guarantee program.
HB 2887
King, Tracy
Relating to information provided by a superintendent or principal regarding the performance of a school district or campus employee to a prospective employer of the employee.
HB 1609
Crownover / et al.
Relating to funding of the Communities In Schools program.
HB 2785
Paxton / et al.
Relating to property tax relief.
HB 3404
Allen, Alma
Relating to mandatory sanctions for certain academically unacceptable public school campuses.
HB 352
Relating to a grant-writing coordination program for school district school-based health centers.
SB 113
Van de Putte / et al.
Relating to the eligibility of certain foster care children to attend prekindergarten classes.
HB 2563
Relating to the powers and duties of the boards of trustees and superintendents of independent school districts and of regional education service centers.
HB 3487
King, Susan
Relating to staff development requirements concerning the instruction of students with disabilities in public schools.
HB 1563
Relating to the issuance of high school diplomas to certain crime victims.

HB 1645
Relating to campus expenditures by public school districts.
HB 1961
Relating to the receipt of an exemption or waiver for a school district or campus that is academically unacceptable.
HB 3259
Relating to the administration of international assessment instruments to certain public school students.
HB 3864
Relating to the legislature's obligation to provide state funding for the public education system.
SB 136
Nelson / et al.
Relating to the establishment of a community education program concerning Internet safety.
HB 136
Olivo / et al.
Relating to promotion of students to certain grade levels in public school.
HJR 68
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing compensation for public school employees and retired public school employees serving as members of local governing bodies.
SB 7
Hinojosa / et al.
Relating to instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the availability and use of automated external defibrillators at certain school campuses and athletic events, and the creation of a cardiovascular screening pilot program.
HB 3420
Relating to performance appraisal of public school principals and assistant principals.
HB 3421
Relating to accountability systems for public school educator preparation programs.
HB 3422
Relating to continuing education for public school teachers.
HB 3423
Relating to performance appraisal of public school teachers.
IMPORTANT NOTES:  The committee will stand in recess while the House is in
session, and reconvene upon final adjournment/recess to hear remaining
bills on the agenda.
It is the policy of the committee to set a time limit of THREE MINUTES for
oral testimony.  Witnesses should keep this limitation in mind when
preparing their oral presentations.
In addition, bills may not necessarily be taken up in the order specified

above, depending upon the availability of bill authors.