The House Committee on House Administration

80th Legislature

February 14, 2007

8:00 a.m.

Agricultural Museum


Pursuant to a notice posted on February 9, 2007, the House Committee on House Administration met in a formal meeting and was called to order by the chair, Representative Goolsby, at 8:15 a.m.


The roll was answered as follows:


Present:              Representatives Goolsby; Giddings; Anderson; Darby; Howard, Donna; Zedler (6).


Absent:              Representatives Escobar; Harper-Brown; Riddle; Vo; Zerwas (5).


A quorum was present.



Opening remarks offered by Chairman Goolsby providing overview of responsibilities of committee.


(Representative Vo now present.)


Vice Chair Giddings  moved to grant the Chair with the authority to act on the committee's behalf in matters involving the management of the general budget, approval of expenditure requests by House members, management of House facilities, coordination with House support personnel and general enforcement of the House policies and procedures.


The motion prevailed without objection.


The Chair then appointed the following members to the sub committee on House Policy and Procedures.


Giddings: Chair






Vice Chair Giddings offered additional remarks on committee activity.


Chairman Goolsby offered additional remarks.


At 8:40 a.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection, the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair.








Tony Goolsby, Chair







Fritz Reinig, Committee Clerk