The House Committee on Elections

80th Legislature

June 25, 2008

9:00 a.m.



Pursuant to a notice posted on June 11, 2008, the House Committee on Elections met in a public hearing and was called to order by the chair, Representative Berman, at 9:10 a.m.


The roll was answered as follows:


Present:              Representatives Berman; Bohac; England; Burnam (4).


Absent:              Representatives Anchia; Farias; Howard, Charlie (3).


A quorum was present.


The Chair laid out Interim Charge Number 1.


Testimony was taken.  (See attached witness list.)


(Representative Howard, Charlie now present.)


(Representative Farias now present.)


(Representative Bohac in chair.)


(Representative Berman in chair.)


(Representative Bohac in chair.)


(Representative Berman in chair.)


Testimony continued.  (See attached witness list.)


At 4:10 p.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection, the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair.














Rep. Berman, Chair




Patrick Dudley, Clerk