Health & Human Services Committee
February 8, 2005 - 9:00A

SB 6
      FOR:        Bauman, Clyde Program Director (Self), McAllen, TX
                  Bazan, Kim (Texas Network of Youth Services),
                         Austin, TX
                  Bledsoe, Collins Juvenile Correctional Officer (His
                         family), Mexia, TX
                  Bresnen, Steve Attorney (Federation of Texas
                         Psychiatry), Austin, TX
                  Brooks, Gail CPS Defense Specialist for Attorney
                         Paul Stuchle (North Texas Family Defense
                         Association), Plano, TX
                  Craven, Susan Executive Director (Texas Care for
                         Children), Austin, TX
                  Down, Melinda Psychologist, Director of Behavioral
                         Health Organization (Deer Oaks Mental Health
                         Association), San Antonio, TX
                  Downey, Jack President (The Children's Shelter), San
                         Antonio, TX
                  Foster, Mike Director of Development, Caring Family
                         Network (Texas Association of Child Placing
                         Agencies), Austin, TX
                  Hartman, Robert Executive Vice President (DePelchin
                         Children's Center), Houston, TX
                  Holman, Nancy Executive Director (Texas Alliance of
                         Child and Family Services), Austin, TX
                  Horton, Colleen Public Policy Director (Texas Center
                         for Disability Studies, University of Texas),
                         Austin, TX
                  Matthews, Kenneth Pediatrician (Texas Pediatric
                         Society), College Station, TX
                  Reed, Jeff Director (Deep East Texas Council of
                         Government STAR Program), Nacagdoches, TX
                  Rodriguez, Carolyne Director, Texas State Strategy
                         (Casey Family Programs), Austin, TX
                  Santos, George Physician (Federation of Texas
                         Psychiatry), Houston, TX
                  Sipes, Sam President, Lutheran Social Services
                         (Lutheran Social Services), Austin, TX
                  Steiner, Dwight Retired (Foster families), McAllen,
      AGAINST:    Brown, Anthony Human Services Specialist (Texas
                         State Employees Union), Austin, TX
                  Haas, Jo Nell Foster/adoptive parent (foster
                         parents/foster children), Blanco, TX
                  Haas, Sadie Adopted child (Self), Austin, TX
                  McElvain, Robin Foster/adoption parent (Self),
                         Hurst, TX
                  Pouncy, Linda Social Worker (TSFU), Austin, TX
                  Splain, June Foster Parent (Self), Argyle, TX
      ON:         Amberboy, Tina Attorney (Self), Austin, TX
                  Barnes, Sheila Paralegal (Self), Nederland, TX
                  Bledsoe, Gary Attorney (Texas NAACP), Austin, TX
                  Bledsoe, Tammy Hostess / Correctional Officer (Her
                         Family), Mart, TX
                  Clemmer, Valerie Homemaker (Self), Houston, TX
                  Davis, Skip Attorney (Self), Austin, TX
                  DeWitt, Lauren Medical Director (Citizens Commission
                         on Human Rights), Pflugerville, TX
                  Duke, Lori Attorney (Self), Austin, TX
                  Ehrlich, Marianne Child Abuse Prevention (Healthy
                         Family Initiatives), Houston, TX
                  Gleason, Calvin (Self), Austin, TX
                  Harting, Tracy Attorney (Self), Pflugerville, TX
                  Heiligenstein, Anne Government (Health and Human
                         Services Committee), Austin, TX
                  James, Joyce Assistant Commissioner for Child
                         Protective Services (Department of Family and
                         Protective Services), Austin, TX
                  Jobe, Connie Attorney (Self), Austin, TX
                  Kinser, Kay Lynne Homemaker (North Texas Family
                         Defense Association), Whitesboro, TX
                  LaVallo, Richard Attorney (Advocacy, Incorporated),
                         Austin, TX
                  Maffett, Trey County Attorney (Wharton
                         County/Texas), Wharton, TX
                  McClure, Madeline Founder (TexProtects, the Texas
                         Association for the Protection of Children),
                         Dallas, TX
                  McDowell, Susan Executive Director (Life Works),
                         Austin, TX
                  McKeating, John Project Manager (North Texas Family
                         Defense Association), Plano, TX
                  Ritzen, Evy Kay Non-profit Executive (Transition
                         Resource Action Center), Dallas, TX
                  Spiller, Lee Investigations/Research (Citizens
                         Commission on Human Rights), Austin, TX
                  Stowe, Krenie Pediatrician (children), Austin, TX
                  Vasek, Heather Director of Public Policy (Texas
                         Association for Home Care), Austin, TX
                  Werle, Debrah Foster parent/teacher (Self), Fort
                         Worth, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      for:        Lovelace, Joe Executive Director (National Alliance
                         for the Mentally Ill), Austin, TX
      against:    Coker, Joni Foster parent (Self), Denton, TX
      on:         Bateman, Char Director of Residential Child Care
                         Licensing (Deptment of Family and Protective
                         Services, Residential Licensing), Austin, TX
                  Clemmer, Craig Telecom Manager (Family), Houston, TX
                  Cockerell, Carey Commissioner (Department of Family
                         and Protective Services), Austin, TX
                  Laibovitz, Babette Risk Assessment Manager (State
                         Auditor's Office), Austin, TX