State Affairs Committee
June 27, 2006 - 9:00A

Electronic Voting Systems
      ON:         Barnett, Jason (ES&S), Addison, TX
                  Blakely, Don (ES&S), Addison, TX
                  Clark, Catherine (Texas Association of School
                         Boards), Austin, TX
                  Clark, Dennis (Emerald Underground Water
                         Conservation District), Ozona, TX
                  DeBeauvoir, Dana Travis County Clerk (County &
                         District Clerks Association Legislative
                         Committee), Austin, TX
                  Floum, Scott (Hart InterCivic), New Braunfels, TX
                  Gregor, Carrie Austin County Clerk (Austin County,
                         County Clerks Association), Bellville, TX
                  Houston, Scott (Texas Municipal League), Austin, TX
                  Lange, Allan (Lipan-Kickapoo Water Conservation
                         District), Vancourt, TX
                  Mashburn, Sherry (Village of Bee Cave), Bee Cave, TX
                  McGeehan, Ann (Office of the Secretary of the
                         State), Austin, TX
                  McGowan, Pat Nolan County Clerk (Nolan County),
                         Sweetwater, TX
                  Meadows, Jerry (Hart InterCivic), Georgetown, TX
                  Moody, Chris (ES&S), Addison, TX
                  Norcross, Rob (Diebold Election Systems, Inc.),
                         Irving, TX
                  Reeves, David (Diebold Election Systems, Inc.),
                         Austin, TX
                  Runge, Caroline (Menard Co. WCID, Menard Co. UWD,
                         Hickory UWCD No. 1), Menard, TX
                  Simpson, Barbara Coryell County Clerk (Coryell
                         County), Gatesville, TX
                  Trainor, Trey (Office of the Secretary of State),
                         Austin, TX

Interim Charges 1 and 2
      ON:         Cervantes, Conley (Tenet Health System and Texas
                         Hospital Association), Dallas, TX
                  Dickey, Louis MD (Aetna, Inc.), Hartford, CT
                  Engelke, Larry (Texas State Troopers Association),
                         Seguin, TX
                  Fuelberg, Ann (Employees Retirement System of
                         Texas), Austin, TX
                  Hassel, Steve (The Texas A&M University System),
                         College Station, TX
                  Hinchey, William MD (Texas Medical Association),
                         Austin, TX
                  Hollingsworth, Lonnie (Texas Classroom Teachers
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Jung, Ronnie (Teachers Retirement System of Texas),
                         Austin, TX
                  King, Carl (Aetna, Inc.), Plano, TX
                  Rodgers, J. Darren (Blue Cross Blue Shield of
                         Texas), Dallas, TX
                  Sarver, James (University of Texas System), Austin,
                  Schiess, Jennifer (Legislative Budget Board),
                         Austin, TX
                  Stewart, Dan (University of Texas System), Austin,
                  Wielmaker, John (Legislative Budget Board), Austin,
                  Wright, Jody (Legislative Budget Board), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      On:         Featherston, Pattie (Teachers Retirement System of
                         Texas), Austin, TX
                  Hickman, William (Teachers Retirement System of
                         Texas), Austin, TX

Electronic Voting Systems

  Providing written testimony:
      On:         Holland, Scott (Irion County WCD, Sterling County
                         WCD), Mertzon, TX
                  Olney, Duane (Democratic Party in Washington
                         County), Brenham, TX

Interim Charges 1 and 2
      On:         Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers),
                         Austin, TX