Ways & Means Committee
April 27, 2005-10:30A

HB 229
    For:      Lavine, Dick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

HB 229 - Committee Substitute (Keffer, Jim)
              Craymer, Dale (Texas Taxpayers & Research Association)

HB 1608
    For:      Bowman, Dr. Billy (Santa Gertrudis ISD)

HB 1964
    For:      Arellano, Richard C. (Mayor Will Wynn)
              Biscoe, Samuel T. (Travis County Commissioners
                   Court/Travis County Judge)
              Boatright, Greg (Self)
              Chavez, Dominic (The Real Estate Council of Austin)
              Costello, Sal (People for Efficient Transportation)
              Sonleitner, Comissioner Karen (Travis Co. Commissioners
    On:       Aulick, Michael R. (Self)
              O'Ryan, Anne (AAA Texas)

HB 2841
    For:      Stephenson, Phil (Self)
    Against:  Kennedy, John (Texas Taxpayers & Research Assocation)

HB 3406
    For:      Kroll, John (Customs Pointe Inc/Net Choice Coalition)

HJR 61
    For:      Arellano, Richard (Mayor Will Wynn)
              Costello, Sal (People for Efficient Transportation)

HJR 99
    For:      Newton, Will (National Federation of Independent
              Summers, Kurt (Self and NFIB)