Ways & Means Committee
April 20, 2005-10:30A

HB 483
    For:      Coggins, Linda (Self and Texas Licensed Child Care
                   Association President-Elect)

HB 1743
    For:      Utter, Tom (City of Corpus Christi)

HB 1874
    For:      McEwen, Clark (Texas Recreational Vehicle Association)
              Nemeth, Mark S. (Escapee RV Club)

HB 1897
    For:      Alvarado, Paul (Self and Villa Muse Studios)
              Atherton, Liz (Self and The Alliance)
              Burklund, Janis (Representing Dallas Film & Video
                   Industry.  Director - Dallas Film Commission)
              Faucett, Greg (Self)
              Garcia, Hector (Self and Screen Actors Guild
                   (SAG)/American Federation of Television & Radio
                   Artists (AFTRA))
              Long, David (Self)
              Mayer-Oakes, Drew (City of San Antonio/San Antonio
                   Convention & Visitors Bureau)
              Rector, Ken (Internation Alliance of Theatrical Stage
                   Employees (IATSE) Local 484 - Texas)
              Rowe, Step (Self)
              Schrimpf, John (Panavision Dallas)
    On:       Copeland, Tom (Governors Offfice/Texas Film Commission)

HB 2787
    For:      Aghamalian, Brandon (City of Fort Worth/Mayor, Council,
                   City Manager)
              McCarthy, Francis E (Self and Central City Committee)

HB 3108
    For:      Reed, Cyrus (Texas Center for Policy Studies/LoneStar
                   Chapter of Sierra Club)
    Against:  Baum, Walt ((AECT) Association of Electric Companies of
              Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn (Self and Texas Eagle Forum -
                   Education Liaison)
    On:       Fullerton, Don (Self)

HB 3301
    For:      Aghamalian, Brandon (City of Fort Worth Mayor, City
                   Council, City Manager)
              Lister, Weldon (City of San Antonio Fire Department)

HB 3463
    For:      Michel, Lorri (Self and Texas Protax/Aaron Rets)

HJR 18
    For:      Coggins, Linda (Self and Texas Licensed Child Care
                   Association, President-Elect)