Ways & Means Committee
April 7, 2005-10:30A

HB 161
    For:      Truckess, Jeffrey (Fuel Cells Texas)

HB 229
    For:      Krier, Cyndi (USAA)
    Against:  Craymer, Dale (Texas Taxpayers & Research Association)

HB 312
    For:      Winn, Buddy (Self and Texas Assoc of Appraisal
                   Districts/Tax Assessor-Collectors Assoc.)

HB 361
    For:      Buzbee, D.L. (Self)
              Vaughan, Aubrey (Self)
    On:       Robinson, Jim (Self)

HB 528
    For:      Bacon, Tim (Texas State Teachers Association)

HB 587
    For:      Winn, Buddy (Self)

HB 818 - Committee Substitute (Edwards)
    For:      Robinson, Jim (Self and Texas Assn. of Appraisal

HB 1148
    For:      Caldwell, Jim (Texas Silver Haired Legislator)
              Higgins, Carlos (Texas Silver-Haired Legislature)
    On:       Robinson, Jim (Self)

HB 1148 - Committee Substitute (Keffer, Jim)
    For:      Doggett, Robert (Texas Low Income Housing Information

HB 1458
    For:      Nitsch, Glenn (Self and Bellmar Civic Club, Northline
                   Terrace Civic Club)
              Sim, Randy (Self)

HB 1992
    For:      Frick, Steve (Self and Vestcor Development Comp. &
                   Kimberly Pointe Apartments, LTD.)
              Palmer, Barry (Self)
              Robinson, Mike (Self)
              Williams, Sandra (Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association)
              Wright, Jerry L. (Self and GMAC)
    On:       Amezquita, Michael (Bexar Appraisal District/ Texas
                   Association of Appraisal Districts)
              Robinson, Jim (Self)
              Winn, Buddy (Self and Tex Assoc of Appraisal Dist.)

HB 1993
    For:      Ford, Steve (Self)
              Wright, Jerry L. (Self and GMAC)
    On:       Amezquita, Michael (Bexar Appraisal District/Texas
                   Association of Appraisal Districts)

SB 541
    For:      Robinson, Jim (Self)