Urban Affairs Committee
March 22, 2005-8:00A

HB 1056
    For:      Cantrell, Josh (Texas Municipal Board)

HB 1473
    For:      Goldbery, Mark (Self)
              Holm, Council Member Pam (Self)
    Against:  Brown, Paul (TEXPERS Texas Public Employee Retirement
              Elkin, Bill (Self)
              Hinojosa, Walter (Texas AFL-CIO)
              Long, David (Houston Municipal Employees Pension System)
              McFarland, Johnnie (Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge
              Simpson, Dee (American Federation of State County &
                   Municipal Employees)
    On:       Smith, Virginia "Ginger" (Texas Pension Review Board)

HB 2209
    For:      Villegas, Arturo (United Plumbers of Texas - El Paso)

HB 2457
    For:      Clark, Mark (Houston Police Officers' Union)
              Elkin, Bill (Houston Police Retired Officers
              Jones, James (The Houston Police Department)