Urban Affairs Committee
February 22, 2005-8:00A

HB 150
    For:      Barron, Ted (City of Mesquite - City Manager)
              Glasscock, Bruce (City of Plano)
              Norris, Marcus W. (City of Amarillo)
              Thigpen, Albert (City of Port Arthur, Texas)
    On:       Higgins, Mike (Texas State Assoc of Fire Fighters)

HB 263
    For:      Glasscock, Bruce (City of Plano)
              Kerr, Scott (Plano Fire Fighters Association)
              Peterson, William (City of Plano)

HB 639
    For:      DeLord, Ronald G (Combined Law Enforcement Associations
                   of Texas - CLEAT)
              Travis, Russell S. (Williamson County Sheriff's
    On:       Jones, James (Houston Police Department)