Transportation Committee
April 19, 2005-8:00A

HB 1550
    On:       Whiston, Steve (Self)

HB 1885
    On:       Russell, Phil (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)

HB 1986
    For:      Emery, F. Charles (Denton County Transportation
                   Authority (Chairman))

HB 2075
    Against:  Heard, Patty (Petitioners of Port Aransas)
              Hunn, Donna (Self)

HB 2300
    For:      Blasdel, Michael (Self and Edwards and Kelcey)
              Fuller, Doug (FLUOR)
              Marshall, Kim (Parsons Brinckerhoff)
              Nash, P.E., Bryan L. (Self and Granite Construction
                   Company, Inc.)
              Swift, Jerome (Washington Group International)
              Wilson, Frank (Self and Houston Metro)
              Wingerter, Joe (Kiewit Corporation)
    Against:  Jones, J.R. (Bob) (Self)
              Stagner, Steve (Texas Council of Engineering Companies &
                   Houston Council of Engineering Companies)

HB 2402
    For:      Hannah, Jim (Concerned Citiziens of Bandera & Ranchers &
                   Landowners Assn.)
              Pallaske, Horst (Bandera E.D.C.)
    Against:  Margozewitz, Larry (Clear Channel Outdoor)

HB 2495
    For:      Davis, James E. (Houston Auto Auction)

HB 2495 - Committee Substitute (Hill)
              Bowers, Bette (Houston Auto Auction)

HB 2630
    For:      Rash, Jeanette (Self and Texas Towing & Storage Assoc)
              Smith, Steve (Self and Greater Dallas Emergency Wrecker

HB 2702
    For:      Bushell, Gary (Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition
                   c/o DETCOG)
              Bushell, Gary (The Alliance for I-69 Texas)
    Against:  Mayberry, Warren (TX Farm Bureau)
              Small, Ed (Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assn)
    On:       Brown, David (Verizon Southwest)
              Grover, Jim (Texas Telephone Association)
              Jackson, Bob (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)
              Nichols, Robert (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)
              Vasquez, Michael (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)

HB 2816
    For:      Yarnell, William (Chester Davis)
    Against:  Jones, Amanda (Harris County Commissioners Court)
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)

HB 3095
    For:      James, Dwain (American Collectors Association of Texas)

HB 3129
    For:      Hopkins, Holly (I Saw You Safety & Scholarship
                   Foundation, Inc.)