Transportation Committee
April 12, 2005-8:00A

HB 891
    For:      ORyan, Anne (AAA Texas)
    Against:  Blanton, Tom (Texas Automobile Dealers Association)

HB 1248
    For:      Lloyd, Margaret (Scenic Texas & Scenic San Antonio)
    On:       Margozewitz, Larry (Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising)

HB 1741
    For:      Kovacs, Michael (City of Port Aransas)
              Neblett, Georgia (City of Port Aransas)

HB 1822
    For:      Autery, Robert (Walker Co.)
              Paulsel, Tim (Walker County Commissioner Court)
              Pierce, Danny (Walker County)
    Against:  Findeisen, Les (Texas Motor Transportation Association)
              Hale, Paul (Texas Logging Council)
              Hufford, Ron (Texas Forestry Association)
    On:       Rogers, Mark (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Saenz, Jr., Amadeo (Texas Dept. of Transportation)

HB 1898
    For:      Reyna, Carlos (Self)

HB 2071
    For:      Moody, Gil (American Legion Department of Texas)
              Palmquist, Michael (The American Legion)
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 2114
    For:      Bernabo, Roger (Self)
              Brown, Stacy A. (Shreveport - Bossier Convention &
                   Tourist Bureau)
              Dement, George (City of Bossier City, Louisiana)
              Hubbard, Griff (East Texas Corridor Council)
              Littlejohn, Joe (Bossier City Amtrak Committee &
                   Downtown Shreveport Unlimited)
              Padilla, Jesse (Texas Eagle Marketing and Performance
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 2334
    For:      Smith, Munson (Victoria County Navigation District &
                   West Side Calhoun County Navigation District)

HB 2348
    For:      Arterburn, David (United Transportation Union)

HB 2394
    For:      Bonner, Matt (Self)
    Against:  Blanton, Tom (Texas Automobile Dealers Association)
              Dunagan, Michael W. (Texas Independent Automobile
                   Dealers Assn)
    On:       Bray, Brett (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Pagan, Kevin (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 2656
    For:      Lesikar, Shelly (Self and AOPA. Aircraft Owners and
                   Pilots Association)

HB 2683
    For:      Poss, Mary (Self and Texas Instruments, Richardson and
                   North Dallas HOA, Hamilton Park HOA)
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 2703
    For:      Wilson, Frank (Self)
    Against:  Johnson, Tom (Associated General Contractors of Texas)
              Lancaster, David (Texas Society of Architects)
              Schulle, Jr., Gerhardt (Tx. Soc. of Professional
              Stagner, Steve (Texas Council of Engineering Companies)
    On:       Forbes, Scott (Texas Ports Association)

HB 2889
    Against:  DeMontrond, George (Self)

HB 2891
    For:      Gutierrez, Ninu (Brownsville Navigation District (Port
                   of Brownsville))
              Ostos, Robert (Self and Port of Brownsville)
              Parker, Jr., Frank (Self)

HB 2955
    For:      Jones, Amanda (Harris County)
              Lemon, W. Clyde (Charles Bacarisse, Harris County
                   District Clerk)
              Smith, Tracy T. (Harris County Toll Road Authority)

SB 129
    For:      Smith, Rob (Capital Metro)