Transportation Committee
March 1, 2005-8:00A

HB 245
    For:      Landry, Mitch (Texas Municipal Police Association
              Merrifield, John (Self)
              ORyan, Anne (AAA TX)
              Sanchez, Julie (Self)

HB 364
    For:      Smith, Loyd (Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris
                   County (Houston METRO))

HB 523
    For:      Jones, James (The Houston Police Department)
    On:       Lopez, Carlos (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 962
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 1044
    For:      Iupe, Charles (President Cedar Crossing Ind. Park &
                   President Chambers County Improvment Dst. #2)
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Texas Department of Transportation)

HB 1050
    For:      Brown, Brit T. (SelecTrucks & Freightliner / FMDC)
              Clough, Steve (Arrow Truck Sales)
              Donley, Billy (Arrow Truck Sales, Inc.)
              Duncan Jr., Malcolm (Selectrucks of Dallas, San Antonio,
              Hogle, Laurel C. (Freightliner / FMDC)
    Against:  Coffey, Karen Phillips (Texas Automobile Dealers Assn)

HB 1097
    For:      Fisher, David C. (Port of Beaumont and Texas Port's