Transportation Committee
February 22, 2005-8:00A

HB 87
    For:      Anderson, Mayor Mike (City of Mesquite, TX)
              Barron, Ted (City of Mesquite)
              Clem, Bethany (Self)
              Everson, Tom (Keep Kids Alive Drive 25)
              Foster, Barbara (Self)
              Lopez, Susan (Self)
    On:       Lopez, Carlos (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)

HB 267
    On:       Saenz, Amadeo (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)

HB 414
    For:      Cooney, Stephen (Bellmar Civic Club)
              Ledbetter, Michael E. (Aldine Improvement District)
              Nitsch, Glenn D. (Bellmar Civic Club)
              Presley, Zera (Bellmar Civic Club/Northline Civic Club)
              Rodriguez, A.D. (Harris County Sheriff's Dept.)

HB 747
    For:      Bronaugh, Louis (Self)