State Affairs Committee
May 2, 2005-2:00P

HB 822
    For:      Bailey, Brandi (Self)
              Ives, Everett (Texas Association of Mortgage Brokers
              Kucerak, Olga (Self)
              McDonough, Mark (Self)
              Moreno, Tina (Self)
    Against:  Bowling, IV, Bobby (Self and Tropicana Homes, Texas
                   Association of Builders)
              Krugh, John R. (Perry Homes and Texas Association of
              Present, Randy (DHI Mortgage)
              Rivers, George T. (RBC Mortgage)

HB 2264
    For:      Sayers, Clint (Eanes ISD)
              Wellman, Nola (Eanes ISD)
    Against:  Bushart, Susan (Self)
              Wolcott, Peyton (Self and Texans for Education
                   Accountability (T.E.A))
    On:       Schloss, Hadassah (Texas Building & Procurement
                   Commission Open Records Steering Committee)

HB 2713
    For:      Crafts, Sarah (Texas Building Trades Council)
              Tilley, Danny (Texas Building Trades Council)
              Wortham, E. Dale (Self and Harris County AFL-CIO)

HB 3455
    For:      Boggus, Ginny (Self)
              Esson, Blair R. (Self and Katchakid Inc)
              McGrain, David (Self)
              Miles, Christopher (Self and Aquatic Profesionals
                   Education Council)
              Niemann, Larry (Self)
              Skrehot, David (Katchakid)
              Williams, Maureen (The National Drowning Prevention
                   Alliance (NDPA))
    On:       Moore, Kathleen "Katie" (Department of State Health
                   Services; Regulatory Services)
              Tucker, John Kevin (Self)