State Affairs Committee
April 18, 2005-8:00A

HB 1026
    For:      Baldwin, George (Texas Building Branch - AEC)

HB 1083
    For:      Chapman, Randall (Self)
    Against:  Baum, Walt (AECT (Association of Electric Companies of
    On:       Totten, Jess (Public Utility Commission)

HB 1330
    For:      Nelson, Steve (Self and Associated General Contractors -
                   Texas Building Branch)

HB 1733
    For:      Livengood, Burt (Self and Texas Grain & Feed
    Against:  Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)

HB 1940
    For:      Baldwin, George (Texas Building Branch - AEC)
              Bertrand, Brent (Dynamic Systems, Inc.)
              Carchedi, James (Hydragraphics)
              Nelson, Steve (Self and Texas Surety Federation)
              Nixon, Joe (Self)
    On:       Cain, Delmar L. (Texas A&M University System)
              Parsley, Cathleen (State Office of Administrative
              Rusch, Renee (State Office of Administrative Hearings)

HB 1976
    For:      Morales, Sal (Coalition of Hispanic Firefighter,
                   National Fire Protection Assoc, Center for High
                   Risk Outreach)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen)
    Against:  Ratcliff, Joe (Texas Grocery & Convenience Association)
    On:       Goold, James A. (R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Lorillard
              Headrick, Carter (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and
                   American Cancer Society)
              Metzger, Luke (Texas Public Interest Research Group
              Zumbrun, Janna (Texas Department of State Health

HB 2247
    Against:  Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)
    On:       Lanier, Dustin (DIR)
              Reed, Cindy (TX Building & Procurement Commission)

HB 2699
    Against:  Ruggiero, David (Avaya)
    On:       Duncan, David (Dept. of Information Resources)
              Kelly, Brian (DIR - Dept. of Information Resources)
              Ward, Leslie (SBC)

HB 2753
    Against:  Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)
    On:       O'Brien, John (Legislative Budget Board)

HB 2842
    For:      Atkinson, Billy M. (Texas State Board of Public
              Polansky, Edward (Texas Society of Certified Public
    Against:  Hayes, Tracey (ACLU)

HB 3147
    For:      Foster, Steve (Cantey & Hanger)
              McCabe, Brian T. (Cantey & Hanger, LLP)

HB 3245
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Assn. of
    Against:  Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)
              Wallach, Dan (Self)

HB 3278
    For:      Chapman, Randall (Self)
              Henson, Scott (ACLU of Texas)
              Johnston, Mark (Self)
              Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)
    Against:  Carr, Mindy (Texas Land Title Association)
              DeBeauvoir, Dana (Texas County & District Clerk Assoc.,
                   Legislative Committee)
              Lee, Randy M. (Stewart Title Guaranty Co & Texas Land
                   Title Assoc.)
              Wall, Matt (Texas Hospital Association)
    On:       Neely, Karen (Independent Bankers Assn. of Texas)

HB 3314
    Against:  Spangler, Jim (American Civil Liberties Union of Texas)

HB 3329
    For:      Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen)

HB 3404
    For:      Ahmad, Janet (Self and Home Owners for Better Building)
              Anderson, LaNell (Self)
              Becka, Dr. David (Self and Take Back Your Rights PAC)
              Cobarruvias, John R. (Homeowners Against Deficiant
              Eberwine, Mark (Self)
              Evans, Brenda (Self)
              Evans, Maurice (Self)
              Gentry, Ruth (Self)
              Maxwell, Ross (Self and Richard & Olivia  Tackett, David
                   & Cecillia Green)
              Pope, Amy (Self)
              Richardson, Dawn (Self)
              Ross, David (Self)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen)
              Taylor, Blake (Self)
              Zawaideh, Mosaud (Self and Jim & Cindy Habel, James &
                   Stephanie Brown, Sam & Rowena Lyle, Micheal Carey,
                   William & Tiri Andrew)
    Against:  Beeler, Daniel Bruce (Self and Wexford Custom Homes of
              Dyer, Jay (Texas Association of Builders)
              Frankel, James G. (Self and Jim Frankel Custom Homes)
              Holan, Raymond J. (McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc.)
              Hoyt, Max (ACES Builders Warranty, Inc.)
              Lammers, Thomas (Self and Houston Structural, Inc.,
                   Houston Chapter, National Assoc. of the Remodeling
              Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)
              Savio, Harry (Home Builders Association Greater Austin)
              Tonjes, Ray (Self and Texas Association of Builders)
    On:       Thomas, Stephen (TX Residential Construction Commission)

SB 464
    On:       Lee, Randy M. (Stewart Title Guaranty Co., Texas Land
                   Title Assoc.)