State Affairs Committee
March 30, 2005-8:00A

HB 46
    Against:  Perich, Toni (Self)
    On:       Garcia, Henry (Self)
              Williams, Ron (RLI Insurance)

HB 2191
    For:      Storey, Linda (Harris County Attorney's Office)

HB 2377
    On:       Jones, J.R. (Bob) (TBPC - Commissioner)

HB 2379
    On:       Jones, J.R. (Bob) (TBPC - Commissioner)
              Soward, Larry R. (Texas Commission on Environmental
                   Quality commissioners)

HB 2819
    For:      Greer, William (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
              Rodgers, Gene (Disability Law Resource Project)
              Thatcher, James (Coalition of Texans with disabilities)

HB 2840
    For:      Bullock, Ron (AECT)
              Ellmer, Mindy (Self)
    On:       Trimble, Robert (Texas Humane Legislation)