State Affairs Committee
March 21, 2005-2:00P

HB 223
    For:      Mayes, Mary E. (Travis County, Government Treasurers
                   Organization of Texas)
              Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)
              Whalen, Ken (TX Daily Newspaper Association, TX Press
    On:       Abbott, Greg (OAG)
              Aragona, Joe (Austin Ventures, NVCA)
              Boldt, Bob (UTIMCO - Univ of Texas Inv. Mgmt Co.)
              Bybee, Clinton (Texas Venture Capital Association)
              Cary, Missy (Office of Attorney General)
              Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)

HB 457
    For:      Henson, Scott (ACLU of Texas)
    Against:  Rolater, John R., Jr. (Bill Hill, Dallas county Criminal
                   District Attorney)
              Rose, Brian L. (Harris County District Attorney's
              Wilkinson, Edward L. (Tarrant County District Attorney)

HB 908
    For:      Childress, Leonard (Texas Procurement Center, L.L.C.)
              Wells, Calvin D. (Self)
    Against:  Whitfield, Shelly (AGC of Texas - Highway Heavy,
                   Utilities & Industrial Branch)

HB 1116
    On:       Longley, Joey (Sunset Commission Director)

HB 1331
    For:      Garza, Wanda F. (Texas Border Infrastructure Coalition)

HB 1965
    For:      Adams, Cathie (TX Eagle Forum)

HCR 63
    For:      McGinnis, Elizabeth (Self)
              O'Sullivan, John P. (TX Federation of Teachers)

Record votes on the internet
    On:       Brown, Mark (Tex. Legislative Council)

Record Votes
    On:       Prachyl, Paul (Texas Legislative Council)