Culture, Recreation, & Tourism Committee
April 27, 2005-1:30P

HB 3553
    For:      Atkins, Jim O. (Saltwater Fisheries Enhancement
              Matthews, Thomas M. (Costal Bead Rags Foundation on
                   Groundwater Conservation and Environmental Policy)
    Against:  Park, Joey (Coastal Conservation Association)
              Smarr, Jim (Texas Recreational Fishing Alliance)
              Thompson, Chris (Self)
    On:       McKinney, Dr. Larry (Texas Parks and Wildlife
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Berlanga, Hugo (S.E.A.)
    Against:  Palmer, Corky (Texas Outdoor Recreation Alliance)

HCR 77
    For:      Haynie, James W. (Self)
              Merriwether, Gale (Self)
              Mize, John (Butch) (Self)

HCR 98
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Haynie, James W. (Self)
              Marriwether, Gale (Self)
              Mize, John (Self)

HCR 108
    For:      Brooks, Jimmy D. (Self and Lacy Game Dog Association)
              Mathiews, J.C. (Self)
              Riley, Marlo (Self and Lacy Family Descendants)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Brooks, Pam (Self)
              Brown, Farida (Self)
              Cavin, Marsha (Self)
              Cavin, Wayne (Self)
              Garst Jr., Robert M. (Self)
              Gibbs, John M. (Self)
              Graham, Kelli M. (Self)
              Graham, Tom (Self)
              Harrell, Sandy (Self)
              Kersh, R. E. (Self)
              Latham, Cynthia (Self)
              Lemanski, O.D., Sundra A. (Self)
              McNally, Lily (Self)
              Rankin, Sharon (Self)
              Riley, Dee (Self)
              Smith, Bret (Self)
              Stafford, Cierra (Self)
              Tidwell, Deann (Self)
              Tidwell, Hugh K. (Self)
              Tidwell, Jerry (Self)
              Tiemann, Melanie (Self)
              Wilson, David (Self)

HCR 117
    For:      Danburg, Debra (Galveston Historical Foundation)
              Moran, John R. (Galveston Historic Foundation)