Culture, Recreation, & Tourism Committee
March 15, 2005-3:00P

HB 422
    For:      Cote, Kay (Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal
              Gilman, Holly (Water Oriented Recreation District of
                   Comal County)

HB 552
    For:      Patterson, Jerry (Self)
    Against:  Kerschiver, Richard (Self)
              Moore, Frank (Self)
              O'Dwyer, Roger P. (Self)
    On:       Hall, Steve (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

HB 1011
    For:      Miller, Robert (John L. Nau, III)
    On:       Hite, Gerron (Texas Historical Commission)
              Oaks, Lawerence (Texas Historical Commission)

HB 1291
    For:      Park, Joey (Texas 2007)
    Against:  Carreon, Rodrigo (Self)
              Lara, Phillip (Bay King Seafood Co.)
              Valentino, Jr., J. G. (Pisces)
    On:       Edwards, Kimberly (Texas Public Finance Authority)
              Riechers, Robin (Texas Parks and Wildlife, Coastal
                   Fisheries Division)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      McFarlin, Don (Coastal Conservation Association)

HCR 24
    For:      Fultz, John M. (Self and Navasota Blues Fest, Inc.)
              Guido, James (Self and Navasota Blues Fest)