Law Enforcement Committee
March 7, 2005-1:30P

HB 311
    For:      Green, Jr., Robert L. (Self and Texas Fatherhood
                   Alliance (TFA) and Lone Star Fatherhood Initiative)
              Wilkison, Charley (Combined Law Enforcement Associations
                   of Texas)

HB 370
    For:      Bresnen, Steve (USA Training, Inc.)
    On:       Herklotz, Mimzie (Texas DPS-Driver License Division)

HB 546
    For:      Oncken, Denise (Harris County District Attorney's
              Staney, William C. (Self and Houston Police Department)
    Against:  Eddlemen, Sonja (Self)
    On:       Girardet, Rebecca (The University of Texas-Houston
                   Medical School)
              Lippincott, Chris (Texas Association Against Sexual
              Rolater, John (Bill Hill, Dallas County Criminal
                   District Attorney)

HB 896
    For:      Clearman, Scott (Self)
              Patterson, Jerry (Self)
              Tripp, Alice (Texas State Rifle Association)
    Against:  Caldwell, Mark W. (Self and American International Group
                   Executive Security Management Council)
              Hahn, Christopher (Texas Employment Law Council)