Public Health Committee
August 9, 2006-10:00A

Interim Charge 4
    For:      Hardy, MD, David (Self)
              Langendof, Jean (United Celebral Polsy of Texas; The
                   Disability Policy Consortium)
    Against:  Horton, Colleen (TX Center for Disability Studies)
              Mullins, Jack A. (Self)
              Sparks, Wayne (Self and ADAPT of TX)
    On:       Balch, JD, Burke (Thomas) (Texas Right to Life
              Bissonnet, Pat (St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital; THA)
              Clark, Charles (Self)
              Collins, Bill (Self)
              Deason, Cynthia (Self and Kalilah Roberson - Reese my
              Dixon, Lanore (Self and Andrea Clark, a victim of this
                   law at a Houston facility)
              Fine, MD, Robert L. (TX Medical Assoc. and Baylor Health
                   Care System)
              Friedewald, MD, Vincent (Self and Center for Ethics and
                   Culture, University of Notre Dame)
              Givens, Blake (Self)
              Givens, Comisha (Self)
              Givens, Patricia (Self)
              Graham, Elizabeth (Texas Right to Life)
              Greer, William (Self)
              Gremillion, Ginny (Memorial Hermann Hospital)
              Hooser, Greg (Texas Advance Directives Act Coalition)
              Jones, Lorinda F. (Self and Johnnie F. Johnson)
              Klein, Melvileen Zee (Self and Edith Pereira - Mother)
              Klick, Stephanie (Self)
              Lenz, MD, Matthew L. (Self)
              Mayo, Thomas (Self)
              Morris, John C. (Self)
              Patrick, Fr. Richard (Christus Health)
              Pojman, Ph.D., Joe (Texas Alliance for Life, Inc.)
              Potts, Brian (Self and Texas Attorneys for Advance
                   Directives, & the Givins and Belcher families)
              Taylor, Pamela L. (Texas Children's Hospital)
              Tran, Tan (Self and Binh Trinh)
              Trinh, Binh (Self)
              Trolin, Brenda (Catholic Health Association of TX)
              Ward, Jerri Lynn (Self)
              Ward, Nancy (Self)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Bower, Bruce (Texas Legal Services Center)
              Patt, Hanoch (Self)
    Against:  Briones, Jr., Felix (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Cranston, Cathy (Self and Personal Attendant Coalition
                   of Texas)
              Garrison-Tate, Jeff (Self)
              McPhail, Jennifer (Self)
              Peet, Nelson (Self)
              Rodgers, Gene (Self and ADAPT of TX)
              Templeton, James (Self)
              Thomas, MD, H.W. (Self)
    On:       Allum, Tom (Self)
              Barrow, Mary Lynn (Self)
              Baruch-Bienen, MD, Deborah (Self)
              Blake, Johnny (Self)
              Borel, Dennis (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
              Carpenter, Jr, Robert James (Self)
              Crist, Schuylar (Self)
              Crossno, MD, Ronald (Texas Academy of Palliative
              Dixon, Dana (Self)
              Doyle, Teresa (Self)
              Duncan, Robert L (Baylor University Medical Center)
              Easley, Michelle M (Self)
              Emick, Stacey (Texas Right to Life)
              Feichtinger, Duane C. (Self)
              Finger, Jack M (Self)
              Graham, Ph.D., Joseph M (Self and Texas Right to Life
              Hurt, Erin (Self)
              Kelley, Conner (Self)
              Kirk, Erin (Self)
              Martinez, RN, Debi (Methodist Health System)
              Meinkowsky, John (ARCH Inc)
              Morrison, MD, Joe (Self)
              O'Brien, Sister Michele (Self and Christus Santa Rosa
              Pacl, Dennis S (Self)
              Pacl, Min (Self and Baylor University Medical Center)
              Seery, RN, Dawn (Methodist Healthcare System)
              Settiff, Lindsay (Self)
              Slider, Darren L. (Self)
              Snyder, Ruth (Self)
              Tabone, MSN RN, Stephanie (Self and Texas Nurses
              Thompson, L. Demarest (Self)
              Wood, Cecilia M. (Self)
              Woodley, Richard W. (Self)
              Wright, Kyleen (Texans for Life Coalition)