Public Health Committee
June 15, 2006-10:00A

Interim Charge 1 Scope of Practice
    On:       Bell, M.D., Dr. Charles E. (Texas Health and Human
                   Services Commission)
              Chernov, Allan (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas)
              Cigarroa, M.D., Francisco G (U.T. Health Science Center
                   @ San Antonio)
              Fuelberg, Ann (Employees Retirement System)
              Hromadka, Donnie (Humana, Inc.)
              Longley, Joey (Sunset Commission - Director)
              Minors D.C., Steve (Board of Chiropractic Examiners
                   Board Member - Chair Rules Committee)
              Murdock, Steve (Self)
              Parker, Glenn (Board of Chiropractic Examiners Executive
              Patrick, Donald (Texas Medical Board)
              Priest, Paul (Legislative Budget Board)
              Raimer, Ben (Statewide Health Coordinating Council)
              Reichle OD, Randall N. (Texas Optometry Board)
              Rohack, MD, J. James (Scott and White Center for
                   Healthcare Policy)
              Zukowski, Dr. Jim (Texas State Board of Dental

Interim Charge 5 Laser Hair Removal
    On:       Brinck, Tom (Texas Dept. of State Health Services Drugs
                   and Medical Device Group)
              Finder, M.D., Kimberly (Self)
              McCoy, MD, Dan (Self and Texas Dermatological Society
                   Texas Medical Associaition)
              Ratliff, Richard (Texas Dept. of State Health Services)
              Shackelford, Michele (Texas Medical Board)