Public Health Committee
May 18, 2005-2:00P

SB 47
    For:      Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

SB 330
    For:      Rutledge, MD, Neal (Texas Advocates for Stroke Seton
                   Health Care Network)

SB 610
    For:      Peppard, DDS, Dr. Mark (Texas Dental Association)

SB 872
    For:      DaSilva, Joe A. (Texas Hospital Association)
              Thomas, John T (Baylor Health Care System and controlled

SB 1183
    For:      Holden, Juliet J. (Alliance For Infant Survival)
              Roberson, Jerry (Self and Texas Healthy Start Alliance)

SB 1188
    On:       Balland, David J. (HHSC /MEDICAID /CHIP)
              Broadhurst, Tim (Health and Human Services Commission
                   office of Inspector General)
              Garcia, Olga O. (HHSC)
              Millwee, Billy (HHSC)
              Syler, Susan (DADS)

SB 1379
    For:      Stegemann, M.D., Lloyd (New Dimensions Weight Loss
    Against:  Sords, David (Texas Soft Drink Association)
    On:       Bingham, Bill (Texas Department of Insurance)
              Perkins, John (Texas Department of Agriculture)