Public Health Committee
May 17, 2005-12:00A

SB 44
    On:       Maberry, Jan (Texas Department of State Health Services)

SB 609
    For:      Wall, Matt (Texas Hospital Association)

SB 621
    For:      Schwender, Lavergne (Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emer.

SB 747
    For:      Crumb, MD, Robert (Texas Association of Obstetricians
                   and Gynecologists)
              Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Gillit, Diane (Self and South Plains Community Action
              Riddering, Hannah (Self and Texas National Organization
                   for Women)
              Wohlgemuth, Arlene (Texas Hospital Assn)

SB 815
    For:      de La fuente, Veronica (Office of the Cameron County
                   Judge Gilberto Hinojosa - County Judge)
    On:       Wiegman, Linda (Department of State Health Services)

SB 873
    On:       Kirsch, Lisa (Health and Human Services Commission)

SB 1069
    On:       Gunn, Bruce A. (Dept. State Health Services)
              Hopkins, John (TX Dept of State Health Services)

SB 1113
    For:      Maresh, Tamara (Fort Bend County Emergency Medical

SB 1238
    For:      Powell, Leilah (Bexar County Commissioners Court)

SB 1329
    For:      Settler, M.S., Christina M. (Texas Genetic Counselor
                   Licensure Working Group)