Public Health Committee
May 4, 2005-2:00P

HB 122
    For:      Barker, Conni (De Pel Chin Children's Center, Catholic
                   Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston -
              Bresnen, Steve (Federation of Texas Psychiatry)
              Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Miller, Carol (The National Association of Social
                   Workers - Texas Chapter)
              Noble, Shannon (Texas Counseling Association)

HB 734
    For:      James, Reggie (Consumers Union)
    Against:  West, Starr (Texas Hospital Association)

HB 1216
    For:      Harrell, Mandy (Self)
              Kerl, Stella (Self)
              Pleticha-Stankiewicz, Kim (Self and Parent: Wise Austin
              Reasons, Jennifer (Self)
              Riddering, Hannah (Self and Texas National Organization
                   for Women)

HB 1341
    For:      Diaz, Mary Esther (Self and Austin Area Translators &
                   Interpreters Assoc Texas Assoc of Healthcare
                   Interpreters & Translators)

HB 1980
    For:      Capo, Zeph (Self and Houston Federation of Teachers)
              DeLay RN, Anne (Self and HFT Nursing Task Force)
              Dunnigan, RN, Jane (Texas School Nurse Organization)
              Moore RN, Carole (Texas School Nurses Organization)
              Mora, Lupita L. (Self and TFT School nurse task force)
              Raab, Ted Melina (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Vardaman, Joy (Self and TFT School Nurse task force)

HB 2540
    For:      Reagan, Karen (Texas Retailers Association)

HB 2643
    For:      Cates, Phil (National Paint and Coatings Association)
              Keane, Alison (National Paint and Coatings Assn.)
    On:       Villanacci, John F. (Texas Department of State Health

HB 2912
    For:      Ricks, Felicia (Self and Texas Dietetic Association
                   Renal Practice Group Council on Renal Nutrition of
                   the Nat'l Kidney Fndn)
              Smith, RD, CSR, LD, Betty R. (Self and Texas Dietetic
                   Association Southeast Chapter Council on Renal
                   Nutrition - National Kidney Foundation)

HB 2919
    For:      Jonas, Judy (American Cancer Society)
    On:       Hopkins, John (Tx Dept of State Health Services Cancer
                   Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch)

HB 3027
    For:      Bolin, Anthony (Self)
              Brown DDS PhD, John P. (Texas Oral Health Network)
              Durham, Deborah (Texas Dental Hygiene Educators'
              Durham, RDH, Patricia Lynne (Self and Texas Dental
                   Hygienists' Association)
              Folke, Lars (Self)
              Grant, Alicia (Tx Dental Hygienists' Association)
              Law, Dr. Rex (Self)
              Oaxaca, Art (Self)
              Posler, Barbara (Self)
              Prachyl, Dianna (Self)
              Ring, Diane (Self and TDHA (Texas Dental Hygienists'

HB 3102
    For:      Buckner, Jim (Uvalde Memorial Hospital)
              Claymon, Jennifer (Texas Organization of Rural and
                   Community Hospitals)
              Simms, John L. (Trinity Medical Center of Brenham)
    Against:  Whitehurst, Darren (Texas Medical Association)

HB 3178
    For:      Duncan, Suzette (Self)
              Finder, Steven (Self)
    On:       Diven, Dayna (UTMB - Galveston)
              Riggs, Jennifer S. (Laser Hair Stakeholders Group c/o
                   James and Carol Crowley)

HB 3276
    For:      Fowler, Jenny (Humana, Inc.)
              Green, Shelton (Texas Association of Business)
              Simpson, M.D., Scott (Humana, Inc.)
    On:       Stout, Mary Katherine (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

HB 3316
    For:      Bailey, Charles (Texas Hospital Association)
              Barber, Keith (Tomball Regional Hospital)
              Buckner, Jim (Uvalde Memorial Hospital)
              Green, Shelton (Texas Association of Business)
              Simms, John L. (Trinity Medical Center of Brenham)
    Against:  Boyle, Larry (Self and Texas Medical Assoc Huntsville
                   Surgery Center)
              Greenwell, David (Self and Texas Ambulatory Surgery
                   Center Society)
              Levy M.D, J.D., Bruce (Texas State Society of