Public Health Committee
April 27, 2005-2:00P

HB 247
    On:       Feinleib, Yvonne (Department of State Health Services)

HB 2148
    For:      Gohlke, Amanda (DAVIS and DAVIS, as legal counsel for
                   American Pharmacies, Inc.)
              Gray, Tammy B. (Self and Texas Pharmacy Association)
              Newberry, Brian (Tarrytown Pharmacy)
    Against:  Horne, Allen (Caremark Rx)
              Lavin, John (Caremark)
              Vaughan, Keith (MedCo)

HB 2471
    For:      Wall, Matthew T. (Texas Hospital Association)
    On:       Bednar, Cindy (Dept of State Health Services)

HB 3003
    For:      Brown DDS PhD, John P. (Texas Oral Health Network)
              Grant, Alicia (Tx. Dental Hygienists' Association)

HB 3099
    For:      Harkless, Lawrence (Texas Diabetes Council)
              Spatcher, Lin (San Marcos CISD children)
              Walker, Craig A. (Self)
    On:       Melton-Kissel, Jann (Department of State Health
              Young, Susan (Dept of State Health Services)

HCR 48
    For:      Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Smith, Theresa Lou (Self)
              Suiter, Kim (National Multiple Sclerosis Society Texas
              Svadlenak, Steve (Texas Association of Public and
                   Non-profit Hospitals)

SB 563
    On:       Copeland, Rick (Office of the Attorney General -
                   Medicaid Fraud Control Unit)
              O'Connell, Patrick J (Office of the Attorney General -
                   Civil Medicaid Fraud Section)